A readers Dream about the shuttle Columbia


I was just reading your page about the Columbia tragedy. I wanted to relate to you what happened to me on the day of the tragedy.

I live in Quinlan Texas, about 60 mi. east of Dallas. Sometime that morning I was awakened unnaturally. I felt confused and like I had heard someone say something but I knew I was alone. So I turned over and went back to sleep. After that I began to dream, in the dream I saw several men sitting around a small table. It was smoky and music was playing. It may have been a bar but I'm not sure. And then the dream centered on one man sitting at the table. He raised the beer glass and said, " I have always been a husband !". And they all laughed, it seemed to be a very lighthearted, festive gathering. And it seemed to be somewhat dated, like maybe it happened in the 50's or 60's. And then the dream ended because I was awakened by the telephone. It was my husband Brian, who was at work at the post office. He had heard the explosion and thought a plane had crashed. So he turned on the TV to see what happened, and then they learned it had been Columbia. So he had called me and woken me from the dream to tell me about Columbia.

I didn't really know anything about the mission. I think I may have heard about Columbia starting the mission, but I didn't know about any of the crew or that it was about to Land or anything. So I turned on the TV to watch the news coverage and when they showed a picture of Rick Husband I was in shock. I could not believe this man I was seeing. He was without a doubt the man in my dream. The dream became so clear and so focused. I'm not sure what I saw or why I saw it but it haunted me for weeks afterward. Not long after I woke up from the dream I knew that there was a piece of Columbia on our property. I told my husband we have to find it. And I kept my kids inside because I didn't want them to be near it. Brian didn't believe me, so I went out on my own to search our 3 1/2 acres. It took three days to find it, but I knew it was there. All in all, it was a very unnerving experience. I never told anyone about it because people just think you're crazy or that you are making it up. Have you ever heard anything that would corroborate the events of this dream? Well I just want to say thank you for listening and also for your web site. Donna


Hey Rich,

I just finished reading your article "Haunted House on the Texas Prairie". The most striking was the EVP when you found the skeleton;

"It's a goat....A horse killed it." That is truly awesome !

The next most striking was when you were calling for Mary there was EVP of spirits helping. I have to say it was finely written, but left me wanting more and by that, I mean more stories of the like!

Jerry (Texas)


"Oh my god! Never before has EVP brought tears to my eyes! If, as you say, the 3 recordings are over a space of 12secs, to me the child comes across as one that is totally unaware of his/her demise & is trying to fathom WHY he/she is left alone in a place surrounded by death! It sounds as though the child has spotted someone, be it either of this plane or the next, & is desperate to be noticed or found. The 'Helloooo" one did it for me, it sounds as if the child is running as he/she is calling, but the despair in his/her voice at being deserted yet again, is heart wrenching, I visualise the child coming from afar to nearby your equipment hence the voice getting louder & more audible. My guess is, using my interpretation above, that it was your crew that he/she was calling to. & 'Mr Bundy' is 'don't leave', if you consider that the child seems to be running, causing the words 'don't leave' to be interrupted. What a sad scenario! "

Sharon (Australia)


Hi Sharon;

thank you for stopping by the website, and for taking the time to email us. You are indeed very intuitive, and I agree with your impression of the child calling out in the cemetery. With respect to the "Mr Bundy vs Don't leave" part.....At first, we thought indeed that the message was "don't leave", however, further audio processing finally brought us , by virtue of unanimous vote from a group of listeners, to stick with the Mr Bundy version. We also frequently find that these scenarios can occur when a person is listening to the voices with a different sound system than the one that produced the final EVP selection. Differences in frequency response of an individual system can produce the variables, as well as the fact that often there are MORE than one EVP voice on any particular EVP session. Then, those system differences can actually affect the processing we have gone through and allow parts of other messages to "leak" through and confuse the messages we are trying to promote. Further notes regarding this child and the Bundy wording.....I picked up this very same voice again, a little child calling "heyyyyy" to me faintly in a cemetery in Galveston, Tx, nearly 300 miles from the first location, and about a month later.There was absolutely no doubt that the voice was the same..... Also, I have received other messages referring to a Mr Bundy, which causes me to consider the possiblilty that I could be Mr Bundy, from a previous life...... Thanks again for your letter, and keep watching, I have many new articles in progress for the website....



Hi Rich!

Did I not tell you my location? I am so sorry! I am of a Brisbane suburb (Alexandra Hills) in Australia! Tell me, why am I so compelled to remain with that child? (a girl is my guess)I was here til 4am, too afraid to leave her on her own! It's as though she was in my room!! (I was tired!!) I just feel so strongly connected with her. I too came up with the supposition that maybe yourself or one of your crew may be associated with her, possibly past life or perhaps your future? I have been intuitive most of my life that I remember, it was only 17 yrs ago that I decided to go 'with' my visions on recommmendation of my Maternal great granmother & grandmother, both of whom were also intuitive & open to the spirit world. I originally came from a tiny village (Bradwell-on Sea) in East Anglia England, which is reputed to have spirits from the roman times. A small church, built by the romans still stands & is used not only as a tourist attraction, but as a church!! At 16 (1975) I decided to conduct my own investigation to the hauntings, I did not hear the reputed horse hoofs, nor did I see the rider on horse, but I knew they were present, at 3pm one afternoon they manifested themselves to me a geen & redish smoking orbs (for want of a better description!) I also have spirits visit me, & when they choose, I am permitted to 'see' them also, but only ever as blue moving smoke like mists, no bigger than a basketball. I 'hear' them, but not as voices, more as loud thoughts, that is why I love your sites EVP recordings. Please keep your site going, it is the only one I have visited, that I am drawn to revisit regularly. The child has had such an impact on my soul I cannot describe the emotions that have engulfed me.I truly hope you manage to solve the mystery of who, when & where! I will keep checking your site for the answers!!!! So don't slack out on me now!!! Oh! & thankyou so much for replying! .......................GRRRRREAT PR!

Sharon (Australia)



I just finished reading your article on the TAPS website concerning "Determining the Psychological State of the Applicant for Investigation" - I loved it ! I'm the founder and director of a paranormal investigative group in VA - the Virginia Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society. I'm glad someone finally wrote an article speaking about those issues. In the 3 years I've been conducting investigations and research with the VGHRS, I've run into those situtations time and time again. I think people expect paranormal investigators to conduct investigations like the Ghost Busters or do things that are portrayed on MTV's Fear or other TV reality shows. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the article - I know many times paranormal investigators do not get credit when it is due. ,

Cheers Bobbie Bobbie Atristain Director & Founder of the Virginia Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society


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