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EVP is the capture of unexplained voices on tape or digital recordings. These are sometimes heard by ear as well, but usually they are faint, ocassionally difficult to discern phrases with unusual structure or grammar.

Although EVP is collected by the use of a digital recording device, it is not the same thing as listening to recordings of human voices. The voices you are hearing are signals from outside the earthplane existance, sensed as magnetic field aberations within the IC (integrated circuitry) in the digital device used for recording. These messages are formed in such a way as to very closely replicate forms and sounds of our human language. Some EVP messages are exceptionally clear and loud and sometimes the words seem to be in a sing- song or melodic pattern. EVPs are classified by "Class A, Class B, and Class C"....with "Class A" being the loudest and clearest.

Some samples may be cluttered with noise and interference requiring the use of audio filters and electronics noise reduction programs, which may sometimes also result in diminished quality of the voice signal.It is not yet a precise science, and much technical work needs to be done in this field.

These voice patterns were first discovered, studied, and written about as early as the 1950's.

Since then, many researchers have been startled to find that not all EVP is a random event. Many investigators (myself included) have been called by their names,had their spoken questions answered, and even received messages from loved ones since passed on !

Techniques for capturing EVP are varied.

Extensive laboratory methods have been devised using "white noise generators" (from which the voices must be electronically extracted) and others tune to open frequency ranges on radio and TV bands. The simplest method though, is just to open a fresh new audio tape, stick it in a good quality portable recorder with a "plug-in" microphone,(don't use built-in mikes, they're too noisy). and give it a try.

Better yet, use a modestly priced digital recorder. It is believed that the inherent noise level of the IC components provide a great white noise source which contributes to the success of the endeavor.

Research and experience in the field has shown us that certain individuals will collect EVP at a phenomenal rate whereas others may have mediocre, or less, results. This appears to be the result of psychic communication between the experimenter and the spiritual entity. There are indeed, strong indications of a mediumistic relationship in the acquisition of the phenomena, even though the operator of the recorder may not have awareness of this fact.


Hi Rich,

Was just on your site. Excellent! I have a question: On the Hospital Spirits ghosts and EVP, page 11, I just want to know if you hear the same thing I do on that clip relating to the boisterous spirit exclamation(green tie). I hear him say " I am God." The clips are so clear. I could play on this site all day. Thanks,

Karen M. ( AAEVP)

reply from Rich:

Hi Karen;

Thanks for stopping by the website... and thanks for the interesting comments. I have not heard those particular words from that EVP..... However, I have had several comments on that one. One person, who is a drinker of green tea, heard(of course) "green tea". She was sure the person was yelling for their tea LOL. I frequently find that there are more than one message on EVP recordings(some superimposed on top of others), and it seems to me that the "narrow" band frequency filtering from digital processors like Cool Edit, may be responsible for an easy shift to another imbedded message when the EVP is replayed on another sound system with different specs than the one one that did all the original processing. As an analogy, I'm sure you have noticed when listening to rock music, that the "bass" response is noticably missing on inferior music systems and AM radio. But when the same source is run through a sound system with different frequency response specs, you will hear the bass response and much more than you did on the other. A similar thing occurs when we simply change sound replay systems when listening to an EVP that has been seriously modified in frequency composition. It is likely that I could take that particular sample, and re-run it through Cool Edit, and locate the voice you described....hope this has been some help.........




Although it is possible to get EVP with fairly common, inexpensive recording apparatus, usually only "Class A" voice signals are captured by the beginner.(Class A are the strongest and clearest) Paranormal Investigations of Texas currently uses equipment and analysis technique which would be considered laboratory level quality and thus is able to achieve success levels which should not be expected by the beginner.

Paranormal Investigations of Texas uses a digital process of "cleaning" the recordings which, through the use of electronic filters and clippers, reduces or removes various noise and interference levels. Also, we have found that there can be more than just one voice to be found in most EVP samples, and when we remove the lesser of the amplitudes, we usually wind up with a voice signal that is very narrow in frequency composition.

This makes it imperative that the listener use only a good, CD music quality sound system when listening to the EVP selections on this website. These samples have been engineered to a very narrow frequency range, and if an inferior sound card is used and a small or inferior speaker system, the entire voice signal may not be reproduced or an entirely different frequency range signal may partially appear.

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