I have indulged in considerable "hand wringing" before coming to the internet with this
page. I was not sure if it would be appropriate, considering the many difficulties we in
the "paranormal" biz experience with our public image and  perception of what we do.

But after months of serious thought, it became more and more obvious that truth is
always appropriate, and our sexuality is a certainly a large part of our lives and a major driving force behind our existance as human beings. Make no mistake about it,

sex is a topic that spills over into the paranormal. It shows up in investigations and EVP recordings with regularity.  

And we get letters.........Boy, do we get letters.......


"I have written to you previously about the ghost activity in my house. But now, something new has happened. It seems that something has been touching me at night. Sexually, I mean. Is this possible?"
                                                                     Ann (Not real Name )


Dear Ann: First, in answer to your direct question, yes, it is possible. However, let me state that these types of incidents rarely turn out to be caused by an entity, or ghost. There are many diff-erent causes for this type of incident that are not associated directly with ghost type behavior. Of course the most common would be "lucid dreaming". This can (and does) happen to all of us.Dreams frequently include some form of expressing sexual desire (and frustration as well), and may even result in orgasm on occassion.These dreams can seem extraordinarily real.

On the other hand, a very well known case involving a sexual attack on a female by a ghost was made into a movie. The authenticity of the incident is argued to this day, but one thing for sure......the woman involved suffered serious anguish and torment because of the incidents. From another perspective, Robert A. Monroe, author of "Journeys Out of the Body", writes in his books that sexual feelings are commonly felt and expressed in astral travel. One could conclude as well, that the spirit world, at least in dimensions close to our world, may in fact retain some certain aspects of sexual attitudes since often personality is quite obvious from spirit behavior.

When investigations lead too far into this sensitive area, I usually prefer to call in a psychologist for consultation. These issues can be quite complex. RICH


" boyfriend wanted to make love in a cemetery, and I wouldn't do it. It seemed disrespectful and I was basically afraid. He made fun of me and I wondered what you think about a ghost being upset over that.....

Meg (Not real Name)


Dear Meg:

Actually, I have a two part answer for about your boyfriend, and one about the spiritual aspects of such an incident..

Regarding your boyfriend...his behavior seems selfish and somewhat immature. He needs to learn that a relationship requires respect for preferences of ones mate in sexual matters. Discussion of the differences, not taunting, is the mature and meaningful manner of solving the issue. Our sexual preferences and desires can change and grow in many directions, given time. I suspect that you both are young, so tell your boyfriend to lighten up a bit and slow down. I suspect that he has a somewhat adventurous sexual nature, so why don't you have a discussion about his and your fantasies in that area, and proceed with something that will excite BOTH of you.

Now.As far as "upseting" a ghost over a sexual encounter in a cemetery.....actually, I'm sure it's been done lots of times. The only thing I could say might be opinion gathered from the hundreds of spirits voices I have listened to from EVP gathered in cemeteries. Many voices seem to be carrying on conversation with each other. Others seem confused and call out to me for help. Still others have insisted that I leave ! And most importantly, many others have graciously answered my questions and responded to my comments. This tells me that many are watching and listening to me.

For that specific reason, I would not care to participate in an encounter of that nature under those circumstances. It would be no different than going to a mall and trying that with a crowd of onlookers. Certainly, a diverse group of spirits would demonstrate all kinds of reactions,....some will protest...some might laugh...some might be deeply offended. After all, they are watching, and they are, or were, living people with feelings and opinions.




"I was just wondering, do ghosts in your EVP use bad language or talk of sexual things...?"



Hi Larry: Quite frankly, the vast majority of EVP voices are well behaved when I am conducting field trips(Thank goodness LOL)This might be because I ask specific information from them and I am careful to eliminate any suggestion of hostility from my brief conversation. In investigations, however, many spirits may have an "axe to grind" and might spout off with unpredictable messages. I have heard some use foul language in a situation that seemed as though two spirits were at odds with each other. Then I have heard some just shout occassional expletives for reasons unknown to me. In these cases there was no difference in their outbursts and any other we might hear from a human encounter. I have also heard voices, female and male, using language to describe various portions of the human sexual anatomy, again for no apparent reason. These situations are all part of the mystery of the spirit world, and I am constantly amazed, stunned even,by these voices, especially when they talk right back to me immediately and answer a question I have just asked.

Oh yes, and here's an amazing thing...Never, not once (so far, knock on wood) has any spirit ever used suggestive or foul language to Mary. She has her own recorder for EVP, and I have mine. In fact, most spirits whisper when talking to Mary. It seems that her record is bound to fall at some point, but so far anyway this unusual showing of respect holds up. I suppose if we make a big thing of it, a spirit wise guy is bound to show up sooner or later though ! LOL

Maybe, just maybe, I will put together a CD with all the voices I cannot put up on the internet. But I am still considering the spiritual ramifications of publishing anything and everything I receive. It could just be that some of these messages were not meant for me to publish. I will have to think and rethink on this for awhile.........