SAMPLE EVP SELECTIONS click on EVP (underlined)Title to hear

EVP segments can exhibit a wide range of audio effects, many of which can be distracting to interpretation of the message. For best results, use the very best audio system for listening....a quiet room with headsets will help even more.....Rich


The following three EVP samples were recorded on a quiet afternoon in Texas State Cemetery. The voice is of a child, or perhaps a female, calling after an unknown person or entity. All three were recorded in succession, total elapse time approx. 12 seconds. In sample no. 2, the name called out (Mister B__?___) is unclear.One suggestion is ("Mister Bundy"),another ("Mister, don't leave")

Crank up your best audio system for this one, the voice is weak, but clear......It is best to use headsets for EVP audio when possible, or have a quiet room....

1.Heyyyy.wav 2. MisterBundy.wav 3. Hellooo.wav

OK After a brief excursion alone thru a cemetery (at night) in Austin, I breathed a sigh of relief after exiting. A voice appeared at that time on my recorder, apparently also registering the end of the harrowing visit.

Thankyewww.wav Cindy writes: "Tony was walking up the stairs holding my cat. I told him 'Don't torture my baby'. He replied " I wasn't !". After a pause, a voice says what seems to be 'thank you' ".

YeeHaw1.wav This popular Texas expression was whispered to Mary in a rural Texas cemetery in Galveston County. I guess she had a "cowboy" who was enjoying her visit......

Beaujean hurt me...  This sample from a haunted house investigation....


DON'T FORGET....Studying EVP requires a quiet listening area, preferably headsets, and a good PC sound system. If you are not listening with a good sound system on your PC, you MAY NOT HEAR THE SAME SOUNDS AS THE ORIGINAL...

Unknown This sample from one of our investigations is difficult to translate. Any guesses? Listen to it and then go to the next one for the solution......

Eastcoast  The "unknown" message shown previously was translated by reversing the recording. And "presto" the voice now clearly says  "East...... Coast"

I warned ya.wav This EVP sample was sent to us by John and Jan.  In the unedited version you can hear  rain falling in the background, which may be providing the necessary "white noise" background that many researchers prefer to use when searching for EVP. I ran the EVP sample through some noise reduction filters to bring out the voice, and found an eerie message that may indicate that Jan had an unknown passenger in her car at the time of the recording.

He's clean Mr. Jim This is popular...Get some for Bill..

The three above EVP from a notorious "clothing optional" beach on the Gulf Coast

Here's a chilling one for you...

On a Texas hillcountry mountainside cemetery, Rich is asking for spirit voices to speak and a raspy voice calls out in the background. Then again the voice wails a plaintive cry while a mocking bird sings .........Many say they hear him say "help", and others say he is saying "Get out"



Becky.wav On one field trip Mary had three EVP voices recorded. Oddly, all three were "whispered" words instead of spoken loudly. In this sample, Mary had been asking for any spirit entities to just say  hello or to just say their name.....

The whispered voices continued for Mary on a day trip to Gulf Prairie Cemetery. As I fumbled with a microphone problem for 20 minutes, Mary moved on and was across the street to another part of the cemetary before I was run out by lawn mowers ! Mary had 3 nice EVP, myself....zero.( Mary again asked for names of spirits listening.....)

DEATH.wav An ominous message

MyBABY.wav Mary read from tombstones the names of parents and a baby, and picked up this voice


An INDIAN VOICE from the Texas Prairie !!

This is perhaps the most exciting EVP that we have captured in some time.
Mary and I were far into the west Texas hillcountry, hours from any cities. We had often expressed our desire to receive comunication from Indians as we explored this historically hostile Indian territory. While at the ruins of an old fort, built to protect locals from unfriendly Indians, we captured what we believe to be an authentic Indian voice, as we walked alone thru a small prairie burial area.



A descriptive phrase is coined by a spirit !



Richard L. Smith, www.paratexas.com