And other STRANGE PHOTOS.........

One of Wendy's "Redblazers"

Wendy captures a purple
hued Orb by a Church steeple

Thanks to Wendy from Modesto, Calif. for her excellent pics . Wendy has quite a knack for finding unusual and colorful Orbs.


Beings on the Roof

This photo from John and Jan in Arkansas.
They use "dowsing" to locate and photograph
unusual "Multidimensional Orb Beings"See "ORBS by BEANS" (

Mary captures a nice   bright blue Orb


"Orb watching Moth watching Orb"  Mary catches a close look at      the "mini" world of Orbs


Do Animals Have Spirits ?

Could it be that dimensions of animal spirits can be sensed by certain humans ? Could specific conditions provide theirimage on the fringes of our own reality ? Could we somehowbe able to connect with the souls of our loved pets who havepassed on? See below for one man's opinion........
Charles sends us these pics all the way from Singapore. He believes the Orb on the left contains the image of his pet dog which had died some months ago......

Charles was walking in an area where he used to walk his dog, and he had an urge to take these photos. There is a remarkable resemblance, is there not?


See photos of an Orb that "tunes in" to one person, the "Orblady"
Hmmm...Janice, what were you thinking when taking this one ?Let's call this one "Fertility Orb" LOL

           Sparkles in the viewfinder  

Mary and I noticed that we would see tiny sparkles in the viewfinder when shooting at night. When we started taking note of the sparkles, we looked at the pics and found Orbs every time we saw the sparkles. THE SPARKLES DO NOT ALWAYS SHOW UP. And of course, neither do the Orbs.
My first, and likely most accurate guess is that these sparkles are produced by particulate matter, such as dust, pollens, etc. Mary and I decided to try something. We went out at night,and I positioned myself  to the side and slightly in front of her as we walked around taking flash photos. I watched closely the area DIRECTLY in front of the camera, about 2 feet in front of it. About one out of 4 or 5 times, I would see a "puff" of tiny sparkles. It looked as if someone tossed a handful of silver glitter out in front of the camera. One time,along with the sparkles, I saw a golf ball size Orb about two feet up and to the left of Mary. IT WOULD NEVER DO THIS TWO TIMES IN A ROW (no matter how fast in succession the pics were taken) However, the next photo may,or may not, show a small group of one to 4 or 5 Orbs. It was almost as if a "charge" would build up in the air, and the flash would trigger a burst which disbursed the group, then small numbers would build up again, and so on. In comparison, I have no explanation for the occassional,but larger, Orbs that we see with the sparkles. Also, the sparkles seem to show for us under all conditions of weather, but appear to be completely random from one pic to the next.



This unusual orange orb appears to have ectoplasm emminating from two small spots on the orb. We took this photo on a cemetary fieldtrip, and experienced heavy EVP activity during this outing as well...


I had heard for years about the legend of a tragic vehicle accident outside a small town in Galveston County, Texas. It was said childrens voices could be heard at the bridge in the still of the night. Traffic has increased over the years since the accident, and improvements in the road and bridge area made access difficult. I found no temperature anomalies, no ectoplasm or apparitions, no voices, and so far, have not found EVP in preliminary scans of Tapes.However, on the road at the site of the accident, thisunusual showing of colorful Orbs made an appearance on this one photo. Out of approx 40 photos, only a few small Orbs appearing to be particulate matter showed up. That is except for these two bright blue Orbs and one orange one. And I suppose they will just remain, well, unusual and unexplained, and for that reason I present them for your viewing...........  RICH

Mary and I are ALWAYS amazed atthose ORBS. Every pic is unique....

And now, on to the next level of STRANGENESS