Janice, of Jacksonvile, Fla.,
has a "special" Orb, which
she has named "Brighty".
Janice, who claims psychic
abilities, says she is able
to influence Brighty and sends
us photos of  remakable simi-
larities,all from different locations.

"I feel that he is my guardian...."
"I have also noticed that whenever we
drive anywhere, he is right outside my
window, following along with us."
"All of the photos that I have of Brighty inside
my house are after I have invited him inside"
" Yes, I am a psychic person, been that way all my whole life. But it's  not
something that I can just turn on and off. It would take a book to tell you
all the things that have happened to me in that regard. " JANICE  Jacksonville, Fla
Photos are shown with permission