Unusually bright white Orb


Jennie watches her TRIFIELD EMFmeter while an ORB hovers overhead




 HEAR ACTUAL"VOICES OF THE DEAD"from this cemetery

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On a field trip to a very old cemetery with many graves dating to the civil war, we came across a mauseleum over 125 years old. It appeared to have been neglected for decades as brush was growing on the roof.

There was no way to enter the tomb, but we spied a crevase along the edge of the huge steel doors. We stuck in an arm to the elbow with a camera and took a few pics. Since we could not see inside, we were amazed to get the above photos showing evidence of grave robbers having broken in the stone crypt and opening the coffin.Bones and clutter are strewn about.      



I try to always use only one hand when snapping the shutter, my left hand kept by my side and away from the camera (a habit I learned from working with high voltages in electronics equipment). So that intrusion in the upper left corner is NOT my finger. Or anything else that I can explain for that matter.....HOWEVER.....unfortunately, if you WERE to accidentally place a finger over the top of the lens, this is exactly what you will get. So, (too bad for me) we will have to disqualify this pic, and use it instead for educational purposes. Now, if we had EVP, or another camera verifying the same anomally, or an unusually high EMF, or thermal variance to go along with it, we'd have a winner...Rich




Mary P., now a resident of the USA,sends us this unusual photo taken in her native land, Slovakia. The pic was taken during a snowstorm, and appears to be a "being" hitching a ride on an Orb-like object,  probably a snow-flake......?


A slight increase in contrast reveals that the ghostly orb is but a mere reflection from a gravestone.

This diamond shaped Orb was captured during a "ghostwalk" in St Augustine. Technicians advise that geometric Orb shapes
are camera optic anomalies, not paranormal.Nevertheless some Orb enthusiasts do not agree.We present this photo for your consideration...


WHAT ARE ORBS? Found almost everywhere, the common interest  is in finding them at burial grounds, cemetaries, haunted houses, etc. There seems to be a strong desire among photographers of the paranormal to be able to relate this experience to psychic or spiritual activity, although this is not as easy as some may think. In fact, photographers must be wary of the fact that many cameras, especially digital , can create a "flare" effect from the camera flash, and thereby distort and enhance the presence of particulate matter in the atmosphere, such as dust and pollen.

Some paranormal enthusiasts, however,  believe that some Orb photos may depict a genuine dimensional entry/exit point for spirits, a type of"portal".Others suggest the   nucleus of the spirit itself can mobilize in this dimension in an Orb form, and perhaps even change itself into one of the other spirit forms. Some claim a genuine Orb will react  to human attempts at communication, others claim contact, through Orbs, with Aliens, other worlds, and/or other dimensions.

We'll pick up on the "HIGHER LEVELS OF ORB WIERDNESS" and other strange photos on our next on link at bottom
Indeed, there is much controversy over "Orbs" as evidence of spiritual phenomena. One of the arguments centers around the use of digital vs. film type cameras. In an investigation, everything that can be done to provide "hard" evidence, should be considered. So, in your important work, use a 35 mm and a digital as well. If you can use a video camera, particularly infrared and nightvision types, so much the better.These cameras will show you with amazing clarity moving Orbs and much more !  If all cameras back up your findings then you have done more than just improve the credibility of any issues. And don't slight digital cameras. Digital is the wave of the future, and digital will only get BETTER and BETTER.Therefore, learn how to use the gear and you soon will have much confidence in the quality of your  work.


What's the most important piece of equipment for the paranormal investigator?

           WATCH OUT FOR DUST, POLLENS AND OTHER PARTICULATE MATTER If you don't think dust will produce Orbs, check this  


Cigarette "ecto" and PARTICLES IN THE AIR create false orb images


Many hours of digital processing are required after each field trip. A cemetery shoot usually will produce a minimum of 50 photos, and each one must be processed singly.  Because the pics are taken in low light conditions, variations of contrast, brightness, pixelation,and other factors must be adjusted by trial and error method.


:I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older; then it dawned on me....they're cramming for their final exam." George Carlin

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