Your camera can pick up particles of practically anything in the air, and flare up with the flash or any bright source of light and thereby produce an Orb, as seen here.
Many serious photographers  have taken thousands of pictures of Orbs. They have learned to be dilligent in observing proper procedure  in order to insure that their photos will not be criticized due to  common irregularities from particles in the air.

Truly remarkable photos of Orbs, and Orb-like apparitions have
been photographed in circumstances which involved psychic, ghostly, or dimensional phenomena.

This is what we all want, what we are really looking for.
Be careful of the "other stuff" floating around.....................
Debi and Janice get together and
show that "Ecto" might not always
be what you think it is...........
For the last 9 or 10 months Mary has been keeping an eye on
that Tallow Tree in our front yard. For only one week a year, in
the spring, the Tallow Tree blossoms into a huge display of long
bright yellow tassles or plumes. Each is richly covered with a
heavy covering of pollen dust-like particles. This tree will make
you sneeze from fifty feet away. Last night was the night of reckoning.
Mary set out with her camera to see if this pollen substance
would produce Orb-like images..Here are the results........

   Seems to be rather obvious.
       Pollen=yellow Orbs
(at least, in this particular case)
There are different colors here,
but most of the Orbs are yellow...
So. What's wrong with taking pictures of yellow Orbs then?  Well, nothing.Actually, the Orbs are pretty and getting a good photo of them adds to one's experience, knowledge, and ability. Only thing is, let's make sure we identify these for what they are-POLLEN, and then we will better be able to classify ALL KINDS of Orbs when we are searching for "spirit" Orbs and Orbs of paranormal origin.....RICH

Other things which can show up on camera, or otherwise cause unusual effects in
a photograph are;  dew, raindrops, water vapor, exhaust vapors,  flying insects. Also
reflective materials such as: glass or window panes, mirrors, wrappers made of foil, shiny plastic, or cellophane, aluminum or bright metal. These objects can be hiden
in trees or bushes.