PLEASE NOTE: Email postings reprinted here are strictly items of a general and/or humorus nature only. Details of any investigatory proceedings, past or present, can not be discussed publicly on this page or elsewhere.  I'm sure you understand that many investigations of a paranormal nature can be very personal and emotional, and always require a need for privacy. Thanks RICH
"I just wont bother you no more  you remind me of my doughter........"

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Columbia On My Mind


"Nice site, great EVPs and a really nice tribute to the Columbia crew and the local community. I checked out the rest of your site. It's really well done, in fact I bookmarked it."

Mike, (New Hampshire)


Hi Rich!

"Thank you for that beautiful tribute to Columbia and her crew. The EVPs were amazing! And the photos were quite touching."

Janice (Florida)

"LMAO, LOVE your paranormal site!"

"I have had a ball reading and looking over your website...It is very informative and the cool part is the sense of humor you throw in with it!...ummm, like Mary running around the house in her nightie, LOL. I especially loved the "Fertility Orb"...guess from the way it hangs...must have been after the fact, LOL "

 Kym   (Okla) 


"I am having a lot of situations happening where lights go on and off, and the TV and my computer keeps acting up....."

Unusual occurances with electrical  appliances are not uncommon when paranormal phenomena has been measured. It is important, however, that these events be studied and if possible, confirmed by data from technicians using special sensing equipment such as Electromagnetic Field Detection devices. We must be aware that some appliances will indeed act up without any help from the paranormal. Paranormal events are many times marked by magnetic and static field disturbances. These field disturbances can cause tiny changes in voltages in appliances like computers and TVs, causing many varied indications.  Flourescent lights are easily affected by these static voltage and magnetic fields, sometimes glowing without switches even being turned on.   RICH


"Just wanted to say, your site is awesome! And I don't say this often. Great job !"
                                                                                   Mitzi   (Colo)


email:...."I keep getting these things in my pictures, can you tell me what they are?" Are they Orbs?


I get a lot of photos from folks asking me for my opinion on the nature of the phenomenon in their photos. Unfortunately, the average photo taker usually has not taken into consideration the most important thing about analyzing paranormal photographs; And that is the issue of documentation.

Usually all I get is a photo, and that's it.

As paranormal investigators, when we are shooting photos or doing any aspect of paranormal study, we always keep a log of our activities, and include details of surrounding conditions. That would include anything and everything which can be seen , heard, felt or determined from any and all sources. Kinds of equipment used, (certain cameras have peculiarities)The weather (temp., humidity, barometric pressures, wind, etc) presence of other people, (other people can even exert psychic influence in some instances, particularly children), lighting conditions, circumstances of movement and shadows, and on and on. We even have recorders running all the time to catch things which may have been missed, and to help establish a time line. Without some detail and documentation, analyzing a photo can sometimes be only just guesswork. Repeatable comparisons are going to give up valuable clues.

Of course, some phenomenon is quite common and repeatable, and in those circumstances one's experience can help to come forth with a quick explanation. But, generally speaking, an investigator is going to back away instinctively from making quick judgements or generalizations based on just viewing a photo without any other info.

The best thing to do with these pics is to use the resources of the Orbs message board to try to find others with similar occurances, and then proceed with a comparison with the owners of other similar pics to try and find repeatable detail and circumstance which may give clues as to the origin of the anomalies in the pics. Personally, I have never captured anything similar to this, but if I do, I will certainly get in touch so we can compare circumstances and detail.

BTW,I use a handle attachment which holds a digital still cam, and a video cam side by side. The vid cam runs all the time and when the flash goes off from the digital, the phenomenon can sometimes be documented from both sources. Rich


email: Could you please tell me In all of your experience.....Do you feel, believe,that if a individual takes their own life would this cause their spirit to become"trapped" or become "dammed".....?

reply:Based on my experiences and opinions of other psychics and investigators whose opinions I trust, suicide in general is to be avoided because it represents a loss of will and determination to complete one's spiritual plan on earth.

Yes, we all agree that in the case of a terminal illness there can be many factors to be considered, such as pain and suffering by family and friends, and financial considerations as well that may burden the family after the person has passed. So, the key to the spiritual question here may the individual ending his life because he does not wish to endure, or is this an unselfish act meant to gracefully save others from painful effects of his passing ?

Would this cause their spirit to become"trapped" or become "dammed".....? the best of my knowledge "damned" is a term mostly used by religious factions to promote fear and thus compliance in the flock of followers....and the use of theword greatly enhances Hollywood's depiction of the paranormal in movies.

Many spirits are "delayed" (not trapped) in the earth astral plane after death as they sort out the effects of their actions in life and make decisions as to which spiritual direction needs to be taken next. This action is co-ordinated by spirit guides and divine beings whose sole purpose is to assist the spirit in determining spiritual values and purpose.

Read carefully this website for more info

This is a complexsubject and there are no simple short answers.....each spirit is unique in the universe and life paths are complex and varied.

regards, Rich

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"We at ENTITYSEEKERS feel you are deserving of our KAPU' AKUA AWARD for your outstanding work in the paranormal realm. Your site is not only extremely informative but you seem to care about people....whether they want to ghost hunt or are involved in a paranormal situation.We will be returning to your site over and over.Way to go and keep up the good work!

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How to get started in Paranormal Investigations


Glad to hear back from you, and still hoping one day you might be able to make a trip to our little town. I am very interested in making an investigation, yet have no idea how to go about it. If it's not too much trouble, when you have time, would you mind sending me a basic list of equipment I should purchase, possible software needed, and maybe a little advice as to how I should perform the investigation? Any advice from a professional such as you would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Sincerely, Christopher A. Gerbig

Reply from Rich:

Hi Chris;

Of course it would not be possible for me to teach you how to do investigations by email, but I will pass on a few suggestions for the beginner.....

Start with "field trips" (....investigations are conducted for a specific purpose, and have protocol and standards designed to accomplish specific goals. Detail is the order of the day, and technique is as varied as the subject of the investigation.) So first-field trips....later (with experience)-investigations.

One of the best places for a first field trip is a cemetery. Try to pick an early evening when no one else is around.....(humans, that is...) Basics of equipment for the beginner will be a digital camera of better than 2 megapixel rating, temperature monitoring devices, a magnetic field measuring device (the "Trifield" is probably the most popular-about $125) and most important, a modest digital recorder for recording the voices of the spirits that you may come in contact with. (Radio Shack DR85-125 minute recorder about $60), and notebooks for taking notes. Mary and I always wear a vest with many pockets and such for stuffing odds and ends such as spare batteries, pens etc.

We use Cool Edit Pro software as the primary means of extracting and filtering the voice messages from digital recordings. It will take a while for you to become proficient at using the Cool Edit program, but you'll find that many EVP's are loud and clear (Class "A") and you'll be able to hear these with the ear from the recordings.

It is important for you to know that we believe that EVP collection is a function of the psychic awareness of the operator of the devices,a channeling of sorts to be exact, and we also feel it is advisable to speak to the spirits and ask for their participation in the session. This will take some getting used to, but it will pay off......Be respectful, be polite....The fewer people present with you on your sessions, the better.....

Join the AAEVP, and the Universal Orbs can receive valuable advice and recommendations from the great folks in those groups. Visit new age book stores, check out bulletin boards, join groups, and try hard to cultivate friendships with people of similar interests. Read LOTS of books, and visit the internet for great sources of information (ahem...and of course yours truly has authored a book"Everyplace I Go Is Haunted" which you will find invaluable as a guide as to what you can expect from studying EVP.)

Oh yes...and if you are successful and continue in your paranormal pursuits, be prepared to lose many "friends" who will become afraid or skeptical of your interests. No problem though, as you will meet many new ones who have a much better understanding of human relationships and their purpose for being in this life. Good luck, and keep in touch....Rich and Mary


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