Have you ever asked for directions ?

How to get in touch with your spirit guides by Rich-Paratexas.com



Mary and I were blissfully sailing down a freeway in SE Texas, our minds somewhat dissassociated in eager anticipation of our arrival in the fertile Rio Grande valley area south of Corpus Christi, and only a stones throw from the Mexican border.

Suddenly, our daydreaming slammed to a halt as a huge sign leaped into our path proclaiming that the highway was making a fork in the road with the left going to Corpus, and the right going to San Antonio. The lanes were already splitting, and we had approximately 1 to 2 seconds to make a decision . Taking the wrong one would surely result in a 15 or 20 minute (or more) loop around the next exit and then back for a second try.

Problem is, we were going to neither of these destinations, and were supposed to be on a by-pass around Corpus while heading down the coast into the valley. So I opted for the Corpus exit thinking that it was closer to our goal than San Antonio. Obviously, I had missed a turn off somewhere.

A look back at our map did not show this cut off, and we were puzzled about where we had gone wrong.

As we coasted down the exit ramp, we quickly found ourselves on a business route through the outskirts of Corpus, so I just picked one of many convenience stores to stop and ask if anyone knew what had happened to our turn off. Sure enough, it took only a moment to verify that new construction was not on our outdated map, and we'd have to go back and catch a state highway by pass. The clerk was very pleased with himself for knowing this, and stated that this new highway change was bringing new business to his store.

As I confirmed the clerks pleasure with himself and his newfound good fortune by buying Mary and I a soft drink, I paused to ponder similar situations when I had asked directions, and received only a blank stare or puzzled look from anyone I asked.

But in this case, we were scarcely one minute off our path, and we already had the directions we needed and were back on track to our destination. Was this just your basic simple coincidence ?

Years ago, I would have chalked up this insignificant incident to good luck and just forgot about it. And even now, with what I have learned about spirituality and synchronicity, I will admit to this incident being seemingly a small thing, however.... the fact remains that your spirit guides are always with you , and you may never know the full extent of meaning behind a "small" incident.....such as in this case avoiding a multi vehicle pile up on the freeway while being diverted just long enough to be completely removed from potential danger !

Did you know that we all have spirit guides who are with us most of the time, looking out for our safety and interests, in spite of our usually not having the slightest awareness of their existance ? At Paranormal Investigations of Texas, we have many times contacted spirit guides through the use of EVP, automatic writing channeling, meditation, and through psychics who posses unique gifts of intuition and awareness.

And did you know that YOU can contact your spirit guides, and that they will be eager to hear from you, and to assist you in keeping your life spiritually on track ? They can help you in many ways, such as inspiring creativity, protecting you, or simply being there to back up your own resolve while dealing with special problems. We all benefit from their presence, mostly without even knowing they are there. However, the more we become aware of their existence and work to communicate with them , the more effecient becomes their assistance !

Spirit guides cannot, and will not, do everything for you. They are bound by spiritual law, and will strive mostly to assist you in focusing your morally correct energies to attain your heartfelt goals.You lead, and they will assist. They will guide, and they will give you strength to do what is right.



Although EVP doesn't allow the real time instant communication of dowsing and auto-writing, you will find that spirit guides can frequently make cryptic comments on your recordings.

I have at least two spirit voices that show up for me with regularity.

One has a female voice, and always speaks in a very low tone of voice or a whisper. Her comments to me indicate that she is almost always with me, and she will make remarks of a generally mundane nature, as if she is observing even the most normal aspects of everyday living. For instance, I have recorded her sharing my impatience while waiting in a line at a fast food restaurant. Her comment was "finally !" , and was spoken as the tardy misplaced order was eventually handed to me. Another time, at night, Mary and I had stealthily climbed over a fence (don't tell...)while checking out a very famous cemetery. My spirit guide registered her relief on our digital recorder as we dropped back over the fence to safety about 10 minutes later.

My other regular and recognized spirit voice seems to usually comment on more specific areas of my spiritual endeavors, especially when I am trying to communicate or conduct an EVP session. Typical comments from this spirit guide are, for instance, "concentration !" , seemingly a reminder or a prompting to increase my focus while doing EVP. This spirit has also appeared audibly, without recording apparatus, in claiaudient events such as one time when he chided me for not practicing meditation.


Although we at Paranormal Investigations of Texas specialize in the use of EVP as a tool for contact with the spirit world, there are other amazing and relatively simple methods for you to try (and even beginners can be quickly successful with these techniques). These methods work well when used in partnership with EVP sessions.


An even simpler method of spirit contact will yield immediate results for almost every person who will spend only 5 or 10 minutes to get together a few common household items, and then find a quiet spot to perform the simple technique of "pendulum dowsing". We will first introduce you to this pendulum method, (which we recommend you start with), and then show you the ropes on the basics of automatic writing. Finally, a few words about meditation, relaxation techniques and self hypnosis will round out a great plan for the beginner to open contact with the spirit world.