Maybe not the scariest investigation...but a fun one nonetheless !

Rich got a phone call from a frantic tenent who advised that something was making noise at night in the house,and would he please come over right away to see what the problem was ? This turned out to be the quickest investigation yet for Paranormal Investigations of Texas, as Rich easily determined that the culprit here would not be a ghostly one, but a small four footed critter who had taken up residence under the house.Late at night, the small opossum was crawling up along the washer/dryer plumbing and strolling about the hallways in the evening !

A trap was set out overnight, and the lil' fella promptly was captured while enjoying a meal of tuna fish.The next morning Rich transported the young 'possum to his new home by a bayou in a large park wilderness.

We wondered if spirits would comment on this insignificant gesture as we set him free.......

The answer ? Well...of course...you know that spirits in the realm of EVP communication are, after all, just folks like us, and comments on such a mission would probably be pretty much the same as those made by "people" bystanders.


baby possum -in jail........

freedom...at last !.....

Would the SPIRITS comment on this animal rescue ?

You bet !

By now you probably know that Rich and Mary will take their digital recorders anywhere...In Rich's new book "Everyplace I Go Is Haunted", he finds spirits in places most investigators wouldn't even think of looking ! So why not see if some spirits will have something to say when the "possum's predicament" is ended ?

lesson to be learned ?

"Many times there's a message...be tolerant"

a cryptic message...??

Danger in serving what ?? ............Nothing !

After releasing the possum..

Rich says: "Well, mission accomplished...."

Spirit 1 says "perfect"

Spirit 2 says "great"


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