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Libby submitted the pic to a psychic for is the reply .................

"He doesnt want to leave the side of a female. I pick up an unsolved murder. There is a man (maybe a different man) with a vertical scar above his right eye on his forehead, and his name is Hal or Harold. This could be a father of a child. Mary is a name I get. That is common, but I get West Virginia was the birth place. This is not a man who died here. This is a man who regretted not being there for someone he lost. He vowed to never leave her again. He just needs to go where she is. I told him that she is not there she is in the light. There is a lot of activity all the way over into the tree on the left. There seems to be a large black bird a winged something there. Lots of energy surrounding his image" psychic-Samantha McGovern

Libby Miller, from Oklahoma, sends us this unusual photo taken by her. She saw nothing unusual while taking the pic, and was surprised to see this soldier on a horse over a tombstone. (photos rights reserved Libby Miller 2004)

Diann sends us this "ecto" photo taken by her daughter (during a snow storm) Do you see a face?

Thanks to Jackie from Washington state for this one with ecto and orbs....spooky !

Dana, from Houston, Texas writes: "I am sending you a photo taken 1 year ago at Myrtle's Plantation. We were waiting outside for the tour ahead of us to finish. There were no children on grounds."

Keri from Grapevine, Texas, sends us this ghost pic taken at the notorious "Myrtles Plantation" while actually spending the night in a room at the haunted mansion.

(dark figure in center of photo)

"It really creeped me out when I got it back (the film) knowing that something was looking at me! My friend and I stayed in a room at the place that was supposedly the center of psychic activity. We had the temperature set at 72, but felt like 30 the whole night, I was frozen in the morning which is one reason why I got up early. Also heard noises that night and our door opened by itself before we left that morning and it was shut tightly. Very creepy, I hope to go back one day and get more pictures! :) PS-Oprah Winfrey stayed in our room as well, (awhile back) and during the middle of the night she felt cold fingers on her neck and had to leave immediately, she got so scared that she sent her producer back for her things". Look in the center of the picture, and you will see a human-like form moving across in front of the porch. (There is, in fact, absolutely nothing in that spot in front of the building,) and the management has asked Keri for permission to use the photo in advertising for the Plantation.

Does Little George have "special"spirit protection ?

George's Dad holds him for the camera at only six days old. A bright white light encompasses his tiny body....Is this just a camera lens flare...or is this an indication of things to come.....?

George's grandmother took the following photos at a friends home, nearTombstone, Arizona. The normal photo at right, on a Mustang, shows George and friend (George is on back in gray shirt) sitting on the families horse.

The photo below, however, tells quite a different tale........


ABOVE: small spirit entity cropped from the photo at left (entity is upsidedown in large photo behind George)

Email from Carol, near Tucson.......

I ran across your website and would like you to see this picture a friend took of her grandchildren in Cochise county, Arizona, about 20 miles west of Tombstone. She took two pictures within seconds of each other, but only this one has the spirit-like image. I would be interested in your interpretation of this picture? The camera used was a Sony Mavica.Thanks,

Reply from Rich........

I suspect that George is a very spiritual person. The halo effect of bright white light around him as a baby is extraordinary. The ectoplasmic appearance around the horse may be a representation of a spiritual safety net around the boy. You can see that the wispy aura nestles around the boys like a cradle or a big "chair" which even has a high back on it to keep them placed safely on the horse. I could well imagine also the vortex like ecto going into the top of the mustangs head could be similar to the crown or brow chakra of the human, and might for instance , suggest a connection with nature spirits. This all could indicate a higher consciousness and connection with the spirit realm and I would expect that the boy may grow to fulfill a high spirtual on the lookout for special qualities and try to give him spiritual nuturing and lots of love...... I will let you know what our psychic says...........Rich

Comment from Frances-staff psychic for

WOW Carol....the photos are awesome to say the least, and I can see a small spirit form in the ectoplasm (but upside down) I believe the second little boy is the focus of the protection as I sense where the energy is. The light around the infant is the type of light I picture around loved ones when I pray for their protection. This little child definitely has protection around him. Has any of the grandparents, other family or close friends passed ? The protection could be coming from them. ....Frances

Photo series from the Netherlands

H. Jordens sends us this interesting series from the Eastern Netherlands, in which an Orb evolves into an ectoplasm . She said she got an eerie feeling when she saw the ecto photo, and the last pic was completely normal, no orb, and no ecto.......

Debbie took this photo of her daughter, Shaina, while visiting the haunted Gettysburg Battlefield.

Gettysburg has given many an individual quite a shock after viewing pictures taken on the battlefield, and for some, apparitions and battle scenes are eerily replayed before their eyes.....Although we get many orb photos daily, we liked this one because of the Gettysburg location and the obvious unique halo effect surrounding Shaina's face..

The Spirit Circle Soul Hunters, a paranormal group located north of Houston, recently took a field trip to a cemetery near Mineral Wells.

This ectoplasm photo was captured by member Meredith Spies.

Jennifer, a member of the ghost hunting group Grapevine Paranormal Searchers , sent us this graveyard photo from Euless, Texas. Close inspection showed there was no way for light to come through the bushes from the rear. Some say it resembles a white Knight on a horse...

I was looking at your website, haunting photos page two, when I came to the bottom of the page and seen the photo taken by Jennifer of the Grapevine Paranormal Searchers of the figure in the graveyard in Euless, Texas. From what the captions said, most say it resembles a white Knight on a horse, I have a better explanation for you. In the years after the Civil War and up into the early 1900's, north Texas was a hot bed for Klu Klux Klan activity, most of the persons who were involved in this activity carried the great hatred that they had in life for others to the grave with them. Many vowed in life to ride with the Klan even after they had left this world and moved on to the next.

It is my belief that Jennifer has caught on film one of these Klansmen. I studied the cropping from the main picture and the figure seems to be wearing the type of rob and hood that Klansmen use in the Post-Civil War era. If you notice the riders horse seems to be also covered by white material also, Klansmen would cover their horses like this to give the appearance that they were of a ghostly nature, just as the Klansmen tried to do by wearing the all white robes and hoods. The site of this graveyard may have at once seen or have been the meeting place of the Klan or may have stood witness to the evil deeds the performed. I hope this bit of info may help in the mystery of the photo and the story that it may one day bring forth surrounding it and thank you for having such a great website that shows the great spirit world of this great state of ours.

Christopher Jones
Axtell, Texas