Dianne, from Florida, writes:

I am a psychic with www.floridaparanormal.com and also have my own site, www.diannespiritlight.com I am sending you a pix of me taken at Cassadaga vortex (oldest spiritualist community in Fla).

Reply from Rich:

Nice ecto shot Dianne...I'd hate to get on the unfriendly side of whatever's behind that face above you ! Rich

Here (right) Dianne was communicating with her father who passed in July 2004. While standing outside on a deck, he appeared in this photo...Very inspiring photo, Dianne !

Next...We take a closer look at a photo sent to us from Jeff, in Prosper, Texas


Jeff and his roomate had been experiencing strange feelings around the house, and had photographed pics of ectoplasm and orbs previously. While alone in the house they shot some pictures which produced this mysterious image in a back room doorway.

To the left, and to the right here we have cropped and enhanced the doorway for a closer look..........

And above, we compare the top and bottom portion of the image,noting that the face is blurred, but the cloak in the bottom image seems to have fairly defined lines....

Detail in ghost faces is frequently an elusive quality in paranormal photos...however, we point out the reflection on the floor emanating forward from the feet of the figure . Here we also see a vertical object (pole ?) in the closet extending forward a shadow/reflection on the floor as well. For this reason we advise Jeff to keep shooting and try to get some new photos of the phenomena (oh...and we suggest Jeff to make sure his roomate and friends are under observation !)

Chris, a former truck driver now living in Statesville, North Carolina, sends this photo he took in The Big Texan" steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas. There were few people in the restaurant at the time......but looks as though there was an "unknown" guest there as well.......

Karyn from Canada sends us this photo from a camping trip last September (2004) in Mont Tremblant, Lac Lajoie, Quebec.

You can see their tent in the background and she says there was no campfire when this winged figure showed up on her digital camera......

Lindsy,from Austin, Texas, sends us this intersting story and collection of photos....

(2004) I was living at my mothers house with my boyfriend, Kenny, and one night at approximately 3 am. I was asleep when Kenny was shutting down the TV closing the blinds and so forth... Our mattress was on the floor so when he went to close the blinds he could see directly up and out of them. He then saw multiple slow flashes of light all in different spots. He said they flashed then vanished slower than they appeared. He was already freaked out when he saw a woman peering in from the lower right hand corner. He was immediately overwhelmed with fear, sadness, and confusion. He said he was too scared to even wake me. He heard the front door open and someone walking down the hall towards the room we were in. He could hear them in the sense of the air conditioner getting more quiet from an object in front of it. Well this entity stopped in the doorway and then quickly left. He didn't see it or hear the door close. During the time it was venturing into the hall my black lab, Kisses (died Feb. 05 of lung cancer), made a ridiculously stereotypical ghost sound... howling like ooooOOOooooOOO ??? (My mother has heard this on several occasions and only when she is alone) Kenny then told us how even tho' it was 3 am he could tell this person had green eyes!

My aunt Wendy died in 2002 from drinking herself to the point of having no liver.She and my mother had a very difficult love/HATE relationship. My mother actually has her bell collection (her middle name was bell), and the clothes she died in. In one of the photos there is a peace Lilly that belonged to her also. Wendy also had Green eyes.( Kenny only has seen one photo of her and that was her obituary... in black and white!) Although Kisses has died.... my mother still wakes up from hearing that spooky sound...But it now comes from my other dog Prince... Mom is in denial about Wendy haunting her....


This photo is the most spectacular...My sister, Kimberly and her friend were playing with the hose (NOTE: they are in front of her bedroom window, so imagine how Kenny saw whatever he saw) when my mom had told them repeatedly not to do so. Mom doesn't know who took picture. .....the camera was on the counter in the house the whole time, she said !.

This is a photo of Kimberly and my brother, Jimmy in the living room

This is Jimmy in the living room snuggling our cat, Izzy, ....it has a shadow too !!!!!

This is a photo of Kimberly's award ceremony at school