A Railroad Museum Adventure



The Galveston Island Railroad Museum, located in the historical Santa Fe Railroad Building in Galveston, was purchased by the Moody Historical Foundation when the railroad was closed in 1967, and is now maintained by that organization.

Today, the building houses the old terminal (The Peoples Gallery), freight offices, and the arrival and departure tracks outside the building.

The museum contains 39 unique white plaster figures in the Peoples Gallery, and referred to as "Ghosts of Travelers Past", were created by Ivan and Elliot Schwartze, brothers, of New York City.

These amazingly lifelike figures were made from live models, wrapped in wet plaster to form a mold. With straws for breathing, and wires to hold up their arms, the models remained in place for 5 hours !

The effect of passing these ghostly-like figures in the old train terminal is an eerie and memorable experience.

But eerie is, as eerie does..... and, as usual, we soon find that Paranormal Investigations of Texas knows just how to get the "Ghosts of Travelers Past " to talk to us !

Rich's crew today consisted of just family members...even Rich's Mom (seventy-something) got in on the action by touring the train cars with a digital recorder, looking for ghost voices (EVP)!

Our investigative crew of four discovered that an old railroad yard is no place for wimps ! We found spirits and ghosts lurking in every shadow !

Rich's Mom is wired for action with her digital recorder around her neck "Nanny...that's the one"


Rich's cousin, Wanda, and husband Ray are visiting from Chicago and helping on the ghost hunt...Wanda places a digital near one of the "Travelers" to try to enhance chances for EVP messages on the live recorder

It's me lookin...It's me lookin

Ray listens for a voice on the phone!Clear the way...

Rich and friend wait for a train to show....but none enter the station...and none leave......

Daddy, hey...all there is, is pain

A lonely voice laments...I'm in HELL...

Ray strolls through a very ornate "private" state room.

An Orb mysteriously appears in an old railroad mail car.....

A Civil War Voice ?

clickYankees ..... Hang Them !

Yep, you guessed it...cousin Wanda and Ray are from Chicago-guess there's a confederate on the loose in this old railroad station !

We hear two voices in this one, and the last word is not clear.......... What do you hear ?

clickThat's frightening to some of them...

We'll leave you with this mystery EVP voice from the lobby of the old RR terminal. Some say it's an "other world language"...what do you hear ?


EMAIL: Dave writes...........

The voice at Galveston Railway that is labeled as "other language" I think he's saying: " 'Preciate ya'now". Dmac.

REPLY: from Rich

Good job Dave !

Ya'll must be from the south ! It's interesting that we also got that "Yankees" EVP....looks like we definitely had an old southern Texas boy in the ghost crowd.......Rich



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