Portal- an opening in the fabric of space and time, through which it is believed other dimensional entities and spirits may pass

location of a portal discovered by Mary and Rich in the west Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg


I've often stated that I have found the voices of spirits almost everywhere I've looked for them. And for the most part, I have found significant correlation between the verbal subject matter and the location as well. However, as in all areas of life, there are usually a few exceptions to the general rule.

For instance, no matter where I am recording, there will always be some glimpses of conversation between voices having a personal discussion as though no one else was around. I often wonder if this could correspond to the lingering and recurring paranormal phenomena which commonly occcurs in "haunted houses"; a sort of a "replay" which people experience over and over. Of course, with EVP, these conversations could be difficult to document as repetitive.

But there is another Electronics Voice Phenomenon which Mary and I occasionally come across in our travels-an exciting paranormal oddity commonly referred to as a "portal", or "vortex, (as it is also called by some)"

These portal areas can be exciting to find ! Within mere seconds of playing back the raw recording data, the audio produces a confusing mass of voices which can sometimes resemble a crowded bar room, and can be just as difficult to "tune" into a select voice or sentence. Frequently, interuptions overpower a message which may have been highly desired, and at other times, it seems that the spirits are taking turns....one after another they give out their messages with the only interuption being that which unavoidably might be caused by recording functions.

In the location of the above photo, Mary and I received so many EVP messages that it was not possible to catalog most in their entirety because of multiple voices on top of each other. I estimate we could have recorded as many as 100 messages per hour IF we could have isolated each one. The only explanation we have for this phenomenon at this site is that a nearby natural rock formation is known historically as a revered site to Indians, and was visited by untold numbers of Spaniards in the 1700's and pioneers in the 1800's, all looking for fabled hoards of gold and silver "in them thar hills".The area is now frequented regularly by tourists.


Freddie, talk to him !

Hope today'll guarantee Evan's back

This place is DEAD

The following EVP is typical of a PORTAL recording. We identified three separate messages here --all on top of each other ! Try to see if you can separate the words. Use Windows Media Player, set on repeat, and listen carefully as you repeat the different messages to yourself while listening. It takes practice !

A gurgling, bubbling spring or creek can be a great source of EVP

1.It's for money....

2.It's for mercy....3.It's pretty, you'll see !

There are other EVP on this page with multiple voices...can you find them ? (tip:experiment with audio fidelity or graphic equalizer settings)


BLUEBONNETS, the Texas state flower, bloom here in a photo taken in Alta Loma Cemetery at Santa Fe, Texas, Galveston County, Texas. In the springtime,Texas is covered with many varieties of wild flowers.

Many folks who study EVP believe cemeteries are portals for spirits who have passed on from life on earth.

Mary and I always ask for spirits to give their names while recording at burial grounds.

Happy !

These EVP selections were obtained at Alta Loma Cemetery (pictured above)

We are usually accomodated with many spoken names, some of which can be located on the tombstones, and others which may be repeated as we read from the stones. In one case, Mary was having a hard time pronouncing a name on a grave and a voice promptly corrected her mispronunciation !

How about a Gary Thayer ?

Night Night......

Come back Edith.....Thomas

Locked in...Melinda took the kids.....

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