The Austin Capitol Bldg., completed in 1888, has borne witness to many an historic event as well as countless trials and tribulations  of
human interest and endeavor.

Most historical landmarks of this character usually have a ghost or two lurking  in the shadows, do they not?

In 1903, while serving as State Comptroller, ROBERT M. LOVE was shot to death at his desk in the Capitol by a deranged former employee.

Many visitors, staff, and Security Officers have  reported a man dressed in the attire of the day of the early 1900's walking the halls, through walls, staring out windows, and even speaking "Good Day" to others while strolling thru the building......

Could this be the ghost of Mr. Love? Or, are there many such entities, strolling thru the halls of this hallowed building, in search of some unfulfilled mission of their lives.....?

"Senator...let's run him" Actual EVP ghost voice recorded digitally in Austin !

"Thank you, Frank" This message recorded inside the capitol Building at 9:00 pm

"Half Breed" not a surprising phrase considering early Texas history...Mary thinks it may refer to her since she has significant Indian blood


             Ghost Squirrel ? It only seems fitting that something as rare as a "ghostly white" squirrel be seen roaming about  Texas State Cemetary in the evening........


"I can't move heah..." With a noticable Texas drawl, this woman seems to register displeasure with her spiritual position


A single Orb stands a lonely vigil over a cannon at the Capitol Bldg


Lindsy,from Austin, sends us photos that she believes indicate the ghost of a relative is occupying her mom's house.

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