Using EVP in Investigations


During an investigation, I was involved in a series of questions and answers with the spirit world in order to help further define some particulars of  issues in that case. During any EVP session such as this, it is common to get comments from spirit entities not directly associated with a case, and many times a humorous or unusual wording or phrase will be used. In this case, a spirit had obviously been quietly observing my EVP technique and decided to comment on the digital oriented nature of this form of communications.  "Spirit Hacking" ! exclaimed the spirit.......Needless to say, after coining this phrase, we are bound to repeat it.....................




The use of EVP in an investigation can be a complex issue, both from a"sleuthing" perspective and from the technical perspective as well.Using EVP messages as clues for identifying sources of haunting phenomena can be tricky and frustrating, and results will be directly proportional to the abilities, experience level, and maybe even "luck" of the investigating crew.

*It is easy to overlook EVP messages, as it is common for people to talk while a spirit is trying to comunicate. Since we can not hear the spirits voices at the moment they speak, our voices will commonly overide the amplitude of the spirit voice on the recordings

.*Noise levels can be frustratingly difficult to resolve. Frequently, while trying to erase noise level frequencies we inadvertantly also erase similar frequencies of the human voice spectrum, causing a degradation of the vocal signal

*Spirits messages are usually brief, as if there may be a factor unknown to us that limits their communication time. Therefore, they may use terms and words which leave us questioning the projected meaning of the message in relation to the investigation at hand. We always wish the message would have had more detail......


I arrived early at the investigation location , and unloaded my gear. About fifteen minutes before the arrival of the crew, I conducted a brief EVP sessionin a room that had demonstrated paranormal activity. I wanted to see if any spirits would comment on our presence here, or otherwise contribute any information prior to the beginning of the investigation. Of course, we had the disadvantage of not being able to hear any EVP messages until later when technical analysis of the recordings would take place. Nevertheless, any info received here prior to the proceedings may possibly be counted as corroborating evidence later when trying to piece together clues.Later, analysis would find the following astonishing clues in EVP messages recorded prior to the arrival of the crew, followed later in the evening by an  amazing statement by the psychic apparently on the very same issue.

You're gonna give us the black locket (recorded before arrival of investigative crew)

Picture of Eddie (Is this a picture to be found in the "locket" ?)

About an hour and a half later, our proven psychic brought forth the following piece of information from her meditation in this same room..............


Remember, there was no way anyone, myself included, could at this time have known the content of the EVP messages (recorded prior to the arrival of the psychic and the rest of the crew). The apparent conclusion is that the psychic picked up the information in the EVP message. This demonstrates one way that EVP can corroborate evidence brought up from another source.....


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