With the following photos are EVP samples , or "VOICES OF THE DEAD" captured by digital recording devices in those areas.

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Look over the cell door in upper right corner of photo. This face could not be seen while in the cell block....

FORT MARTIN SCOTT STOCKADE         FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS One of the few buildings not in ruins is the menacing  stockade building. Each cell is only a mere four feet wide and perhaps eight to ten feet long, with a very high ceiling.


Here Rich scouts a back road looking for an old homestead.
Cemetery at Fredericksburg, Texas This Cemetery was started by the early Germansettlers.
Fort McKavett was originally built as an outpost to help pioneer settlers  defend themselves against hostile Native Indians.........

Near Fort McKavett, Mary and I came across old old burial area along a back road. Deep into West Texas Hillcountry, we had discussed with each other the possibility of capturing an Indian EVP voice. Amazingly, we believe we were successful. Listen to an INDIAN VOICE FROM THE PAST............

EMAIL re: Indian voice: I am a member of Tsalagiyi Nvdagi, Cherokee of Texas, established by Chief Duwali here in Texas in 1819. There were 12 tribal types represented among the 8,000 Indian villagers. Your Indian voice sounded clearly to me as saying, "Wado," which is a polite Cherokee salutation, or saying good bye. Ms Coyote Shadow (yes, that is my real name!)

Here in this peaceful and quiet prairie like area, we were able to capture many EVP voices on digital recordings, as well as a startling "bang" noise that we certainly would have heard if it had occurred in our reality........


In Fredericksburg Cemetery, a whispering voice ...BackupJohnheyUtalkmore.wav

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This photo takes us back in time 150-200 years. This " BOOT HILL " burial gives us a cold, hard look at the reality of life in the pioneer days.....



In Gulf Prairie Cemetery, the voices spoke often to us as we toured the historical original burial site of Stephen F. Austin.

GulfPrMyBaby.wav While Mary reads the tombstones of afather, mother, and child, a whispering voice gently says  "My baby"