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If You Associate With Aliens

Will You Be Alienated ?

I grew up laughing with George Carlin as he fought the media battle over the "seven dirty words" you couldn't say on television. In "George Carlin Strikes Again" he quips..."If you take an Oriental person and spin him around, does he become disoriented?" With apologies to George,(and Oriental folks) after a couple years of public exposure to the internet via my website, I must say that an adaptation of that theme ("If you associate with aliens,,,,") sure fits some of my experiences lately.

The difficulties of publicly discussing the probable reality of UFOs, Aliens, and such concepts are well known. The media, the government and military, religious organizations, and other conservative forces, (mixed with a general reluctance of the human ego to volutarily wade into a quagmire of doubt, heckling, and outright name calling) are adequate to seriously affect the exposure of truth in such matters.

One would think that the subject of life after death might be more readily accepted in polite conversation, but that too has its problems...

While at the local grocery store some time ago, I caught an acquaintance of mine out of the corner of my eye as he quickly turned his shopping cart around all the way at the other end of the aisle. It was obvious to me as he feigned looking away from me while scanning the top shelf, and scurried off around the corner and out of sight, that he was hoping to avoid me. The reason? Well, this person and I have had, in the past, some lively (and friendly) conversations about ghosts and aliens and such. It was never more than that untill he took a close look at my website, and our conversations took a turn towards a part of reality that this person was not ready to accept. The last time I saw this person, he asked me in a polite but doubting manner if I had ever thought that I might be allowing demonic presences to communicate with me, and was EVP considered to be "against the church"?. I was quite surprised at that statement,as he had never given me any indication of having any such antiquated religious ideas. Instantly I knew that there was no way I could give him any kind of explanation that would be accepted; there was no way to even get a good start, as he obviously had his mind made up anyway.

I had made an error in even bringing up the subject with him in the first place without first feeling out his background and experiences regarding this highly controversial subject. I quickly learned that if I did not want to "alienate" myself from almost everyone I met, that I must let the subject come to me, from those who would have enough of an open mind to bring it up, and NOT try to pass on the benefit of my extraordinary experiences to anyone who did not ask me first. Funny thing is, the subject of ghosts will usually start a lively conversation in any crowd, and it seems that almost everyone has something to contribute. But when one like myself, who has more than just a spooky story to tell, speaks up and backs it up with some very interesting evidence, people scatter like somebody was passing the hat for donations. Many STAY scattered. Yep, you can be "alienated" alright if you're not careful.....

What on earth is the reason why many people can't bear to talk of the unknown? seek validation of life after death?...or to accept the notion that there is other than human life in the vastness of our universe and that other dimensions may exist ?...Is it that they are afraid? Or maybe they just don't have time in their constant materialistic struggle within society to devote time to such things that don't immediately benefit them? Maybe both...and more........

Many have written at length on the complex issue of narrow mindedness or skeptism, and never really completely covered all the reasons for this aspect of the human personality. Maybe thats just because we all are such unique spiritual creations. It could be said that we each (even skeptics) deserve an entire book to explain our purpose for being , and to explain our goals and lessons that we each have selected to learn from our life here on earth.

I wish our brains were like computers. Pop in a disk and bingo. Software installed, ready to go, nothin' to it. But not so for the human brain. The process of learning for a human is complex and lengthy. Children must learn "how to learn" before they can even begin to assimilate information. As a baby we are forced to go through a process of learning everything by trial and error. We can't even learn to walk without first falling on our face hundreds of times. Some of us still fall on our face now and then. A child's mental development is so sensitive, that during early years any aberations, trauma, or unusual activity around the child can, and often does, result in serious affectations of attitudes and abilities later in life. Of these aberations, lack of love, and fear, rate high on the list of devastating things that can affect a childs mental well being and alter their lives for ever. After surviving childhood,( no small feat), we then must plod carefully through our lives with survival and accomplishment in mind.

Because we all must take a large part of our lives to search out and find solutions to the problems with which we are faced, we only begin to get a vague picture of our true selves and our spiritual purpose by the time we are beginning to feel "old". With age, comes wisdom. Indeed, ask older folks what they think about their accumulation of knowledge in respect to their age and various stations in life. All will say that looking back, they realize how little awareness they really had at each decade of living, and will add that as they get older they get wiser, thinking that only lately are they finally beginning to "get it". Alas, ask them again in another 10 years, and they will submit to the same realization ......they "thought" they "got it", but NOW, they know it's the real thing !.heh, heh....ask them again in another decade!.... there is no end to the accumulation of knowledge, no finality of wisdom, and thats only a small part of it. The rest of the story doesn't come till later........after this life.

What's that got to do with people being "closed minded", and alienating or ostricizing those who speak of knowledge from beyond? Well, in respect to "spiritual awareness" as we discussed above,here's one reason; We are born into the world with spiritual purpose and we cannot fulfill our purpose if we are bombarded with full knowledge of our spiritual existance. That would seriously affect the outcome of the experience , wouldn't it? It takes us most of our lives to make some sense of the tribulations placed before us, and the rest of our lives to do something with that knowledge gleaned.It makes sense that we must maintain some distance from our spiritual selves while still learning our lessons here on earth.

Many of us will seek a connection with a church or religion, being guided by the very inner nature of our soul. But most of us will not allow ourselves full spiritual disclosure, and knowledge from beyond, till we are ready. Thus many peoples' relationship with the earth-bound religions may be but a mere shadow of the truth. As we grow older, many people begin to break down the self constructed barriers, and allow themselves to gradually add awareness of higher truths to the wisdom gained from their lifes previously planned experiences. True awareness begins......

Does that mean that our lives are detailed and planned with consequences of fate? No. We have free will, and we will fail many times. That's the point. When our free will begins to lead us on the spiritual path properly chosen, we are becoming closer to God. We are accomplishing what we set out to do.

So next time you set out to prove the existance of ghosts to someone, be careful. They may not yet be ready for that. But they will. Oh yes, they will...eventually.......... Rich

PS By the way, I have a confession to make about the above photo. In the interest of avoiding any misunderstandings, I am a non drinker and non smoker. The above pictured items of that description are just props for a "gag" effect. In my younger days, I wasn't above tipping a few cold ones, but now, my body needs all the help it can get. You will notice the big NA (non-alcohol) on the Busch can, and honestly,if I were to light that cigar, I'd be sick for a week...LOL


Determining the Psychological State of the Applicant for Investigation.

An important part of the Pre-Investigation interview

A critical issue has been brought up involving the ever increasing popularity and growing numbers of individuals who are offering their services
as paranormal investigators. There is so much more to it than just identifying and documenting paranormal activity. On the home page of my website, I take the time to make a clear distinction between what I refer to as "field trips" and "investigations" If an investigator chooses to be admitted into the privacy of someones home, they have just accepted a huge responsibility (and liability, I might add ) and will be expected by the persons involved to deal with the emotions, fear, and confusion that can surround the home and family. This is a serious undertaking that should not be pursued by the novice investigator without available assistance (if necessary)from professionals in the field of family counseling and psychology.

Although I am not a psychologist, I have studied psychology in depth. It has been very helpful in this field, and I just can't imagine someone conducting these types of intrusions into peoples lives without at least someone on staff available to help watch for emotionally charged situations which may require professional assistance . I have professional psychological associations, and individual certified guidance counselors, which I may
refer certain clients to regarding emotional issues detected during an investigation.Many people who are experiencing genuine paranormal activity may be depressed, afraid, confused and desperate for an explanation. They are vulnerable. And likewise, we can unfortunately come across individuals who are delusional, and suffering from mental illness. Symtoms of mental illness can vary according to the origin and various stages of the illness, but we need to be ready to deal with this occurance. It is a guarantee that sooner or later it will happen to all investigators who are active in dealing with the public.

My first step of prevention in this area is to inform the individual at first contact, that the first priority will be to visit with them in person and
conduct a private interview. I explain that the purpose of this interview is to explore in depth the motivation and reasons for the needs of the family or individuals in question.I take this early opportunity to explain to them the implications of paranormal investigations, and discuss the aspects of
psychological considerations. I let them know, without pointing at them, that all investigations are given carefull consideration in these areas. As a
result of this screening process,I can tell you that more than two thirds of the interviews I conduct do NOT result in a subsequent investigation into
their lives and homes and into the phenomenon which they may be experiencing.One reason that a decision may be made to not investigate could well be a noted mental instability of the person being interviewed. An investigator should familiarize themselves with common symptoms of depression, phobias, and irrational or abnormal and delusionary behavior. A further confusing complication can be that an otherwise normal individual may be thrown off balance by severe paranormal activity, and be showing considerable stress, but not be ill.

A more frequent reason may be that people just do not realize how invasive a paranormal investigation can be. Most have not considered that frequently spirits appear in people's lives because of personal indiscretions....moral issues, crimes, abuse etc. I frequently uncover situations of abuse, (physical and sexual), infidelity and other serious family issues in the course of paranormal investigations.The investigator needs to be aware of the potential for extremes of conflict in these areas.

In one case, a male apparition was appearing to a couple's child at night and trying to co-erce the child into leaving the house. Further questioning produced information from dreams from other family members, leading to further admissions, etc and soon it became evident that a deceased male from a prior relationship, and a matter of deceit about fatherhood, became be a part of this developing picture. Confronting the woman with my suspicion,she admitted the current father was unaware that he was not the real father. This woman had naively assumed that they simply had a ghost of the "Hollywood/TV" variety in the house, and was shocked to find that there were issues extending deep into moral and spiritual implications of their own lives.This investigation could have clearly led to a devastating confrontation between spouses.Thus the "official" investigation never happened..... as a result of the interview only, it was decided to recommend counseling for the family, not a paranormal investigation. I am certain that if the family issues are resolved, the haunting phenomenon will go away.This is very common.

The investigator must develop, (from study, experience, and association with professional family guidance and counselors),their own
methods of screening potential cases, before delving into the privacy of the home.In particular, I have found that EVP can be extremely revealing in some family or home hauntings. Perhaps the entire "personal" spiritual connection of many of these "so called hauntings" may be missed by those family members involved. In fact, I find that spirits are frequently responsible for causing disturbances over family indiscretions.

Not to slight the fact that hauntings and paranormal episodes do not have to be directly associated with personal aspects of someones life. It's just that it is important that we watch for that very common situation.....

Take the most important step....... to be aware of the importance of the mental well being of the people whom you offer assistance. Experience,
caring,consideration and diligence will guide you. Keep up the good work!

RICH Paranormal Investigations of Texas



Years ago, there was a great movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Neuman called "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Redford and Neuman (Butch and Sundance) spent most of the movie humorously evading an eternally persistant group of lawmen, led by one who seemed to unerringly know just where to look for the two hapless outlaws. At many points in the neverending chase, the two characters would thoughtfully look at each other, perhaps after gazing back at the dust cloud on the horizon which always contained the determined lawmen, and then one of them would calmly state to the other "Who are those guys, anyway?"

I can't tell you how many times I myself have spoken those words quietly to myself as I went through the analysis and processing of Electronics Voice Phenomena (EVP). I have certainly recorded a diverse group of voices, and always found fascinating differences in the data from these EVP voices from each selected locale.

Who are those guys, anyway?........

Let me just give you the short version for now. (I think the "long" version is way too complex for a brief article such as this.)

But basically, most researchers and investigators pretty much agree that when we die, we are quickly dissasociated from our physical bodies and find ourselves in spirit form. We are aware and seemingly quite in control of ourselves, in spite of the fact that we can not be heard or seen by our loved ones on earth,(although we can see them). No doubt, this can be a rude awakening for most. Some folks who have held rigid belief systems of life and death, or those who may have not given much thought at all to spiritual things, will find that they need assistance and time to adjust to the reality of their new existance.

Most researchers, psychics, and others who have experienced out of body experiences (OBE's), and near death experiences (NDE's), say that there will be guides, friends, deceased family, etc., to assist during this time. However, it is up to the individual to open themselves to this help, and many require "spiritual time" or a "period of adjustment" to accept this concept of their new reality. Almost all agree that even the most enlightened spirits will always at least briefly visit their loved ones and even attend their own funeral, before moving on to higher levels of spiritual planes.

And there you have it......."Who are those guys?" is explained then, I believe, by the presence of a diverse group of spirits in a sort of "interim level or plane"situated in and around the earth plane.This level would seem to be the origin of EVP. Some spirits here have recently passed on, some have been at that level for some time and find themselves in a position to be of service to others there, some are indeed lost or otherwise still confused, and then another whole unknown group of spirits with specific purpose may be found. Many of those would be defined as guides, helpers, or angels. Others may not have even lived in a body on earth. I suppose we won't know all the details until.....well, you know.

I have learned to be very careful what I say when I am seeking EVP recordings. I always announce to the spirits what my purpose is, and explain to them what I can and can't do. It is necessary to make these statements as briefly as possible. There is every indication that any reply or communication from a spirit using this method will always be brief. Most researchers think there is some energy requirement which must be adhered to, and we always find the messages to be short and to the point.

Untill I learned to be very careful about what I say in these sessions, I had the misfortune of finding that I might have mislead some of the spirits who answered me. In one case, in a cemetary I had simply asked if any spirits had any messages . Later while processing the audio, I discovered an immediate response from an entity who asked me to say hello to a certain Pastor, and also to a lady (whose first names were both given). I was horrified to think that I may have given a false promise to this spirit, as I had no chance of figuring out who these people were or giving this message to them. In several cases , spirits have cried out to me to help them. Of course, I was not able at that exact moment to even hear them, but I had neglected to explain that to them when I asked for their communication.

Now when I do an EVP session, my every word is planned and rehearsed according to the objectives and location of the session. I want to make sure I don't say something to disturb a spirit entity or mislead them. After all, I'd just as soon not upset someone and have them follow me home or something....:-)

My experiences with EVP have proven to me that beyond a doubt there is a dimensional existance beyond our life on earth. My life, my values, and beliefs have all changed for the better, as I have become more aware of this spiritual knowledge.

Later on, I'll write some articles about specific encounters with spiritual entities and voices from beyond..........Rich



Those of us who have our hearts in the UFO/Alien controversy (and are sick of decades of disinformation and skeptical song and dance) were quite encouraged when Sci FI, and Steven Spielberg joined hands (symbolically) on TV and proclaimed a new era was about to begin. They would organize honest to goodness investigations and a TV campaign to blow the lid off this business once and for all.....

Wow, we thought...they'll show 'em how its done by golly.

Yeah, Right.......... So, for weeks on end we watch TV spots touting the forthcoming Roswell TV special which will feature a new archeological dig, planned to the last detail by credible scientists. and accompanied by special security uniformed officers to protect the veracity of findings.They will even have a major network anchor personality to present the show with a new atmosphere of credibility. Also, TV spots hint a subtle suggestion of the beginnings of a push to make public information witheld by the government about UFOs.

And, best of all......The TV spots promise "NEW SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE"!!

Hey, allright, guys, way to's about time...we all exclaim !! And, anxiously, we watch the hype, and mark the calendar for the event. All along the way, each TV spot throws in a shameless promotional piece for Spielbergs new miniseries "Taken" which will air beginning the first week of December.

Right off the bat, trouble starts to brew...Mention is made of witnesses from the Greer Disclosure Group pitching in to get on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, Greer himself then went on record as hinting that the whole mess smells like a PR lead up to the "Taken" (Spielberg) series, and that the "Taken" series smacks of a classic military disinformation ploy and tactic often referred to as "DDT" (decoy,distract, and trash). (Source

And we are...the day after the big event. Once again, we have been had. We have been mades fools of, and taken to the cleaners. The skeptics are laughing their asses off, and the SCI FI campaign has fallen victim to the same 'ol crap we have been watching for years.

Don't these people remember what the REAL ISSUE is about Roswell?

Hey, we've been listening to personal narrative and such for decades. Those credible witnesses have long since made their case. Yes, SCI FI did come up with one new military witness who had witheld his testimony out of fear for all these years. Congrats to SCI FI on that one, but, once again, remember the REAL ISSUE behind the Roswell incident and every other UFO and abduction incident....?.


Yep, that's right. Remember where it went? The military scooped it all up, and sent it away; bodies, material physical evidence of alien spacecraft, and all. Off it went into the vast secretive facilities of the government, never to be seen again.

So, we now are primed for the "SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE" and we are expecting the archeological dig to find some of that "HARD EVIDENCE"

So what do we get? 40 or so paper bags of dirt stashed in a bank vault, and a damn cliff hangar of some sort which vaguely states that we should stay tuned for more on that one...

Oh yeah, and that so called "SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE" ? Turns out it was nothing more than the blow up of the General Ramey memo in the Roswell newspaper photo, which we (who follow this stuff) HAVE KNOWN ABOUT FOR YEARS. Well, we will give credit to SCI FI for at least spotlighting this in front of hopefully what will be a bigger and newer audience, but that is the only redeeming aspect of this shameless piece of hype which promised to expose the truth, and did exactly what everyone hates about the UFO scenario in general.... "It promises, but does not deliver."

Article by Richard L. Smith

UPDATE March 2005

Well, only a week ago the SciFi channel re-ran this original Roswell Broadcast without bothering even to mention that the bags of dirt are still gathering mold in storage (or are they ?). Just as we figured, we will be left hanging on the ending of this story for as long as it takes for everybody to forget about it entirely.

And, then to add more insult to the ever growing pile of crap the media gives us, a new promise emerges from the Peter Jennings camp. He plans a two hour special on UFO's and , by golly, this time the job will be done right ! And on Feb 24, 2005, the Jennings documentary explodes onto the airwaves with ?!? guessed it....but allow me to give you the impressions of a few others on this....

This reprint from the Feb 25, 2005 notation on the website

Gee...Did You Miss the Peter Jennings UFO Special ?

LUCKY YOU if you missed it--unless you get off on the usual dribble of spoon fed pablum that has always been left on the doorstep of the "sheeple" public by mainstream media, the government, and the usual boring collection of neuron defficient skeptics who sell magazine stories about "mass hallucination".... Don't get me started....

Read this article by a man who says it much better than I .....Then get the real low-down on this media garbage from men who live every day in the shadow of the alien presence- Whitley Strieber and Bud Hopkins- and who tell it like no one else can




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