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The legendary huge natural granite dome, Enchanted Rock, is known historically for it's Indian and pioneer lore. The tales date back to Spanish explorers, Indians and pioneers settling the area, and reputed treasures of gold and silver hoarded in secret mines in this very location and nearby.

As the story goes, the 640 acre site, with it's nearly 400 foot high dome, received it's name from Indian reports of spirit lights and night time noises emanating from the giant rock. The Indians had great respect for the huge natural monument, and some would not set foot upon it . Others used it for ceremony or observation and there were some beliefs that human sacrifice had taken place at the site.

We were tempted to chalk up the origin of the spirit light tales to superstition, except for the fact that while we were there, we did indeed photograph a mysterious moving bright blue sphere, in bright daylight, which appeared in two successive photos about 30 seconds apart. And the most incredible assortment of recorded ghostly voices we have ever encountered took us weeks to sort through in electronic processing.

As you can see in the 1st pic , the blue light is moving to the left across the darker of the trees shown. The 2nd pic shows the light as it has moved across and is nearly out of the picture with the trees.

On the trail to Enchanted Rock (about 1/4 mile away from the granite dome....

In Rich's new book, "Everyplace I Go Is Haunted", he tells of the bizzare incident at Enchanted Rock when a crazed spirit stalked Mary while chanting his lurrid sexual desires for her. Then, a friendly companion spirit to Mary warned off the unwelcome ghost, and he was not heard again .....

At the base of a rockslide area adjacent to the dome.......This entire area was very paranormally active (see Ghost Riders in the Sky)

Rich finds no gold in the stream running along the base of Enchanted Rock...but he and Mary found a neverending stream of remarks from the spirit world on their digital EVP recordings.