The Ghosts of Evergreen Cemetery, voices crying out in the night, tales of pirates and buried treasure.........GALVESTON COUNTY, TEXAS




Better jump, Rich

The above EVP spirit comments were recorded while Rich walked along the bayou's edge in search of paranormal evidence......

At this very spot (above), a spirit voice was recorded mentioning the name "LaFitte"....Why would this name be mentioned at this spot ? Is this reference to the famous "Jean LaFitte, the "Gentleman pirate of the Gulf" who was known to explore this area?

My names not LaFitte...or LaFay...............it's Howard


EVP from Dickinson Bayou adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery

Initially, my intent was to try to discover if the reported voices at night from the bayou could be related to the desecration of the adjacent Evergreen Cemetery by the removal of all of it's tombstones. Stories were circulated that locals had seen some headstones in the mud along the banks of the bayou during low water periods.

However, the EVP collected away from the cemetery takes on a very different context. Beginning approximately 100 feet from the boundaries of the cemetery and down the hill towards the bayou, I first asked the spirits for any reference to explain the mention of the name "LaFitte" or LaFay. That particular EVP voice seemed to indicate a need to separate his identity from those names or individuals mentioned.

Two trips were made to the bayou location. The second time I did not set foot on the cemetery property, but was careful to enter by the property on the east side of the fence along the cemetery line. Here I made my requests with specific questions regarding the name "LaFitte", and further asked if there were any other names of people who had inhabited or been active in this area.

Spirits speak their names ! Could these be LaFitte's followers?

I had on the first trip already received the name "LaFitte" twice but on the second trip after asking for "any other names", I received a long communication of single names, one at a time and one right after the other. Listen to their names as follows: Dade, Thibeau, Hammer, Fletcher, and followed by Marie, Pete, Irma, and Pat. and then Pete, Peco Jack Mary and I were struck at the implications of the apparent "nicknames and what could be intrepreted as names of a band of pirates.

Have we allowed our imaginations to get carried away ? I don't know, but at this moment I have no explanation for the appearance of this unique group of names in such a remote location.

A third trip to the bayou is guaranteed...stay tuned.....



El Lago, Texas,previously known as a hide-away home of Jean Lafitte's pirates, is located on the west bank of Taylor Lake to the northern shore of Clear Lake. This residential community of about 3,400 citizens experienced a major growth spurt when NASA arrived in 1961 and is to be the home of several astronauts.

From the location in this article, Dickinson Bayou runs northeastward through Galveston County, and connects with Galveston Bay only a short distance from Clear Lake. History relates tales of pirates hiding in this very area, and of suspected treasure hidden deep in the connecting bayous, which couuld include Dickinson Bayou.

Silver doubloons have been found in the Lake area, and many treasure hunters have tried unsuccessfully to locate the bounty of the treasure legends.

This location, with nearby haunted Evergreen Cemetery, and the spooky, swampy environs of the bayou, would make an overnight expedition not recommended for the faint of heart !

One spirit voice seemed less concerned with treasure........

What about my fishing...?

Jean and Pierre LaFitte (pirate brothers of Galveston Bay)

Only recently discovered in the Spanish records in Seville is the fact that the Lafitte brothers subsequently were in Texas between November 1815 and June 1816, acting as spies for the Spanish government against the Mexican revolutionaries. Then, taking advantage of the temporary desertion of Galveston, Jean occupied and fortified the town in May 1817, and changed its name to Campeache. They resumed their pirate activities (under the Venezuelan flag). The brothers ran a very successful slave-dealing operation out of Galveston. Apparently, Catherine Villars joined him there in 1818; she was reported keeping house for him by American letter-writers. In August 1818, however, a major hurricane destroyed Galveston/Campeache, and Catherine was injured when the fort collapsed.

Jean remained in the Galveston area until about May 1821. Finally, acceding to the demands of the U.S. Navy, he abandoned Galveston/Campeache, destroying the remains of the settlement as he went. Reportedly, he was one of the few to ecape after his pirate schooner was captured near Cuba in December 1821, all the rest being killed or captured.

Pierre Lafitte was also reported to have been seen clandestinely leaving Charleston, South Carolina, in a schooner in March 1821, possibly on a piratical expedition. Only known child of Pierre Lafitte was: Pierre Lafitte, born before 1808? in New Orleans, Louisiana; married Marie Berret (date unknown). Pierre Lafitte probaly born before 1779 in Bayonne, France; married Adelaide Maselari (date unknown, but probably 1809 or early 1810). He also took Marie Louise Villars of New Orleans as a mistress in 1811; they had seven children, all of whom apparently survived to maturity.