Rich and Mary tour Arizona in search of ghost voice communication using digital EVP discovery and processing techniques developed at Paratexas Audio Lab.

On Location: Tombstone...Globe...Gila Pueblo Campus...Grand Canyon... and Indian Pueblo Cave dwellings

Rich and Mary toured Arizona in the spring of 2012. The main purpose was just a vacation, however, if you know Rich and Mary, it doesn't make any difference where they go...they are always "locked and loaded" with digital recorder for EVP and cameras for "whatever may come"!


Near the Besh Ba Gowah site is the Gila Pueblo Campus with on-site archaeological digs of Salado Indians

Indian Ruins of Gila Pueblo Campus Spirits speak to us

Mary and I and our little traveling companion "Sheba" were cordially welcomed by Larry Brown, Artist and Professor at the Gila Campus. (We didn't know then, but little Sheba would later attract the attention of a spirit on the Campus gardens and archeological preservations).

We found this little Community College campus to be a virtual "oasis" of desert history and beauty as we strolled thru the ruins and gardens. Our photos from here as well as EVP recordings turned out to be a highlight of the Globe visit.

Rich and "Sheba"

Sheba is a "Chi-pug" (hybrid- half Chihuahua and half Pug.)

While walking by the pond, and after calling Sheba's name, we were amazed to record an Indian voice as he speaks to us about SHE_BAH' (emphasis on last syllable)

Listen to the Indian voice..


It seems as though he possibly relates the name to one of their spirits called the "Light One".

Visit the gallery of wonderful art work of Larry Brown and his students at the college. You will also see some of Barbara Minton's art in the gallery (Mary's cousin who showed us around Globe and the campus)


EVP- "Don't let no 'women powders' fight the ancients NOW!" wow, this one still doesn't care for the white man (AKA women powders) , Is he saying the white man is soft now ?

EVP- "We belong... -Ruben Gomez" Not sure about this one...but Ruben wants us to know "they" belong!

EVP- "In Heaven...the Kings men" possible translations (?) ...King Ferdinand's Spanish Conquistadors came through Arizona, and of course they were known to fight with any and all natives-Another possible theory is that "King" may be used to as a synonym for "God, leader or great spirit" and this could be about almost anybody...