Located In Tonto National Park, these caves contain adobe Indian houses that were occupied by the Salado Indians from 1100 to 1450 AD


Rich and Mary tour Arizona in search of ghost voice communication using digital EVP discovery and processing techniques developed at Paratexas Audio Lab.

On Location: Tombstone...Globe...Grand Canyon... and Indian Pueblo and Cave dwellings

Rich and Mary swing around on the last leg of their tour of Arizona, snapping photos and talking with spirits as they go...


Tonto National Park And The Grand Canyon

Tonto Cave Dwellings

The nice thing about this amazing piece of history is that you are actually allowed to get up close...the pathway (about a half mile walk) leads right up to the very edge allowing one to get a birds eye view of the structures. The Cave Dwellings are located about halfway between Globe, AZ and Phoenix and the scenery is awesome. We had to stop about every 10 or 15 minutes to take pictures and get close up looks at the rocky terrain and cactus everywhere. (Look out for rattlesnakes!!)

On the road to Grand Canyon

EVP-"Richard, This is Rachael"

While stopping along the road on the way to the Grand Canyon, I thought I would turn on my digital recorder just to see who might be with us way out here in nowhere. But I was not really that surprised to hear the voice of my old "spirit" friend Rachael. She has been with me in spirit and on EVP recordings for at least 10 years now. For 8 years she answered me every time I turned on my digital for an EVP session and she was always there helping on investigations. More on Rachael in a future article.

If you like desert scenery, then Arizona is the place for you. Often it is so quiet you can hear insects flying yards away. At other times the winds blowing add a surreal quality to the air and one can easily understand why the Indians have said the spirits talk to them on the wind.

EVP TIME-I wondered who else (other than Rachael) we might find with us out in the middle of the desert. So I then spoke my usual spirit inquiry, and also explained how the recording process works for thise spirits who might not know about the technical aspects of EVP.

After my speaking, a spirit immediately registered his skepticism of EVP and my abilities...

EVP- "That's shit !!" spoke the doubting man

EVP- "McGee don't know Richard!!" came a supportive reply which even named the skeptical spirit...

Mary and I discussed the fact that a ghost in the desert would know my name and even refer to my investigational reputation, but we came up with a pretty quick explanation. Fact is, spirits often follow us darn near everywhere as they are keen for the opportunity to interact with our world. Also, Mary has a spirit companion she calls "Whispering Cowboy" who is always with her. It would be a good possibility that this admiring ghost is indeed him.

It's Magic

Anyone who has been to the Grand Canyon will tell you that words or pictures are not adequate to describe the awesome beauty of his place. At this point it is 15 miles across the top of the canyon and 6000 feet to the bottom.

It simply takes your breath away...

At this point the staggering site before us caused us to momentarily forget the spirit world as we contemplated the many wonders of good ol' Planet Earth. But later as we drove along the canyon wall for 25 miles before leaving the park, we began to wonder just what spirits may be here and how would they comment on this Earth phenomenon ? This spirit voice sums it up very nicely...

EVP- "I think that's a miracle..."