Rich and Mary tour Arizona in search of ghost voice communication using digital EVP discovery and processing techniques developed at Paratexas Audio Lab.

On Location: Tombstone...Globe...Grand Canyon... and Indian Pueblo and Cave dwellings

Rich and Mary toured Arizona in the spring of 2012. The main purpose was just a vacation, however, if you know Rich and Mary, it doesn't make any difference where they go...they are always "locked and loaded" with digital recorder for EVP and cameras for "whatever may come"!



Globe is a small city of about 8,000 very friendly folks. It sits on the edge of the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, and the town survives on tourist trade and employment at the large mining facility nearby.

In 1884 the surviving Clanton brothers Ike and Phineas arrived in Apache County after the famous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone. Ike was eventually killed by a local deputy sheriff, and Phineas, after serving prison time for a stage robbery, moved to Globe where he died of pneumonia and was buried in 1906.

Globe is surrounded by truly scenic mountains, canyons, and rugged desert terrain that provides some of the best photography and hiking opportunities imaginable. The historical old buildings and local archaelogical digs provide great sources for EVP and ghost hunting!

We want to thank Mary's Aunt Amelia and cousin Barbara Minton and her family for the hospitality and the tips on the great local history and haunted locations!

The Sheriff's County Jail

Globe, AZ

Mary's cousin Barbara had told us that many in the town believed the old Sheriffs Jail to be haunted. Taking the cue, Mary and I set out for the old building and quickly located it on a side street down at the lower end of town just up from the railroad. Unfortunately, we found that the Jail was open to the public only on week ends and today was a week day. No problem...we just got our digital recorder and walked around the outside of the building while asking for spirits to speak to us outside. We have done this many, many times and it always works (at least for the more energetic and talkative ghosts).

I asked, as always, for the ghosts to give their name and received a most curious reply immediately!

EVP " me, I'm trying to make POWDER" wow, a jailbird named Ronald is planning to bust out of jail!

And then a cryptic comment from an if he's making sure we know what we are hearing!

EVP "That's a Ghost"

Indian Pueblo Ruins

Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park

The pueblo village was constructed and occupied by the Salado Indians from approx. 1225AD till 1400AD when the tribe mysteriously disappeared. It is assumed that the reason for abandonment was a climate change resulting in a shortage of water. The Apache people moved in somewhere around 1600AD and occupied the entire territory.



The pueblo ruins this day had very few people visiting and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Just the way we like it, as spirits are more likely to speak when they are not distracted by lots of activity.

Mary heard voices softly conversing in this room as she was quietly taking photos while I was in another part of the grounds. Mary could not make out the softly spoken words and assumes that it was likely the native Salado Indian language . Mary is pretty sure she also heard some broken English being spoken as well. The only explanation we could come up with is that it could have been other later settlers or cowboys who had passed through.

There are historical accounts of considerable fighting between Indians and whites in this area. Perhaps there is an untold story of a cowboy, soldier. or settler who died while taking refuge in these abandoned ruins.

EVP from Besh Ba Gowah-

Here the first ghost voice seems to be registering displeasure with our visit and seems to indicate that he doesn't recommend discourse with earthly humans. "Hey-don't let us benefit from bowing to him!"

Is the second EVP voice saying he is suffering from an illness or a wound? "Not desperate enough to talk to the doctor"