Rich and Mary tour Arizona in search of ghost voice communication using digital EVP discovery and processing techniques developed at Paratexas Audio Lab.

On Location: Tombstone...Globe...Grand Canyon... and Indian Pueblo and Cave dwellings


Ghosts of Arizona are obvious and plentiful in this historic state. Everywhere you go there is abundant evidence of life in the old wild west, from the ruins of ancient pueblo and cave dwellings of early American Indians to legends of cowboy life that are the "stuff" of much of Hollywood movies and television..

Rich and Mary toured Arizona in the spring of 2012. The main purpose was just a vacation, however if you know Rich and Mary, it doesn't make any difference where they go...they are always "locked and loaded" with digital recorder for EVP and cameras for "whatever ghosts may come"!



Founded in 1879, Tombstone was one of the last rip-roaring, wide open, old Cowboy Towns of the American Wild West. Tombstone is well known for the legendary epic of the Gunfight in the OK Corral. Now most remnants of the old cowboys have long since passed on, but their many ghost-forms still linger in large numbers around the buildings of this old town! Local color is added to the historic town as citizens walk the streets daily in period costume. Horseback riders and a stage coach add to the scene.

Mary and I begin our tour of Arizona by stopping at the old Boothill Cemetery on the outskirts of Tombstone. Here we strolled through the gravesites and talked to the spirits as we recorded their replies by using's digital EVP discovery and processing techniques. The ghosts of Tombstone come forth as we tour the famous Boot Hill burials...

IMPORTANT: Please note that our audio recordings are recorded and playback is processed by a standardized studio system of quality design. Thus, due to the unstable nature of these EVP phenomena, the individual at home using a different quality playback system may notice some minor differences in the perceived voice translation. It's just the nature of the EVP process.

Entering the Boot Hill Cemetery

There is a gift and souvenir shop at the entrance of Boot Hill, and you must, of course, pass through to get into the graveyard. After shopping a bit, we started up the recorder and our cameras and headed out the back door into the graveyard. Much to our astonishment, we later found that we were immediately greeted by a class A audio message from a woman with a heavy western accent

EVP - "Come heah!" ......(come here)

with a piece of advice for all...evidently a commentary on the state of the old west outlaw town

EVP - "Take a look into the past-do not be a drunk"

Inside Boot Hill Graveyard

Here "Mediums" Rich and Mary stroll together through Boot Hill, using their abilities to attract more conversation from the spirit world.

Needless to say, it is likely that the "bad guys" buried here were not schooled much in manners and their ways with ladies were probably questionable at best...

"Mary...Like her behind..."

then a retort from "Willey" and a reply from the bad guy who likes Mary (somehow "Willey" knows we are Texans!)

"No Texans' right for Willey..." "That'll be the day..."

Well...maybe back in the day Mary could have started a gunfight here, ya think?

And finally...the remarks end with a harsh return to the reality of the situation...

"would like her hand for a day-but we're DEAD!"

Some Epitaphs seen in graveyard

"Killed by Apaches", "Margarita- Stabbed by Gold Dollar", (two dance hall girls), "Shot by Wm. Claibourne" ,"Shot by a Chinaman",

The gravemarkers are blunt and to the point

(above) Grave marker from OK Corral Shooting

Epitaph (above): "Here lies George Johnson, hanged by mistake 1882. He was right, We was wrong, But we strung him up and now he's gone."

On the streets of Tombstone

The scene is so volatile and psychically active in Tombstone, that Mary and I were easily able to capture ghost voices anywhere we went, even while just walking down the streets. We were standing on the corner by the side of the historic old Bird Cage Theatre (known to be a very haunted location). The Bird Cage was a combination theater, saloon, gambling parlor and whorehouse that operated in Tombstone during it's heyday. We turned on the recorder and captured a very funny comment apparently related to the girls who worked in the brothel on the other side of the on EVP below to listen

Funny EVP from a prostitute.. "Time to go, you GET OFF!"

Oh well...time is money, as they say. BTW...NOTE: (Actually we were a tiny bit suspicious of this recording as it was quite a nice "class A" specimen and we couldn't help but wonder if the Bird Cage was playing some recordings inside that maybe our sensitive equipment picked up through the wall. No one inside could verify one way or the other so if any of you go by the Bird Cage, send us an email if you hear those voices being played inside...RICH)


Globe AZ, an old mining town with ruins of Indian pueblo villages