Who says crop circles have to be found only on farms ?! This circle was found in a small town near Galveston, Texas, on a corner vacant lot........and that ain't all !!!



The 13 foot diameter circle showed up on or about Aug 12, 2003. The leaves and stems of the grasses in the circle are gently laid over starting from the center of the circle, and pointing out towards the outer edges of the circle as spokes on a wheel. There are no obvious breaks or bends in the stems. All seem to have laid down as if they were wilted, although the plants do seem to be alive and healthy. The leaves and stems have not yet made any discernable movement towards straightening back out.

The stems began their curve at a point varying 3-6 inches from the ground. Because of this gap between the plants and the ground, there is a space underneath the bent-over plants which would be crushed to the ground if anyone had stepped on the interior of the circle. There were no signs of any footsteps or other intrusion inside the circle, and all plants seemed to be maintaining that gap between the ground and the foilage.

Above, you can see how the grasses began their pattern in the center, and laid down towards the outer edge of the circle. The height of the wild weed area surrounding the circle averages from three and a half feet to as much as five feet high. Oddly, most of the taller types of weeds around the circle are not growing inside the circle.The circle seems to consist mostly of a growth of a certain type of tall grass more evenly distributed in its growth pattern than the weeds surrounding the circle.

Some have theorized that perhaps one of those roadside commercial highway mowers had lifted its cutter over the tops of the weeds and lowered it down to cut this circle. Thirteen feet is pretty large for that sort of equipment in this small town area....however, if that was the case, there is still no explanation for the laying down of the undamaged grasses, and no evidence of any cut or broken stems.There is a remote possibility though, that if such a cutting did occur, an underlying growth of grasses could have come up after the cutting, and then wilted from the excessive heat lately. Unfortunately, that theory wanes day by day now as we have had rain for several days and the heat wave has broken. Around here, the grass leaps from the ground when it rains, and of course, the surrounding lot is standing tall with growth.

The lot, on a corner and consisting of approximately an acre of completely grown over land, has apparently no evidence of any other circles, or unusual grass growth patterns anywhere else on the grounds.

We checked for radiation with a Radiation Alert model "Monitor 4/4EC" at ranges .5 mR/hr and 50 mR/hr. We also checked for magnetic field strength anomalies in the 0-3 milligauss and 0-100 milligauss ranges, as well as microwave field indications in low ranges. All results were negative.


This circle was found by Rich and Mary as they rolled down a neighborhood road on the way in to town last week. It's only a few minutes from where they live. Naturally, they figured if no one knew how the circle got there, maybe the spirits would have some answers ! They quickly grabbed their recording equipment and conducted an EVP session ! As usual, the spirits had something to say..........

"HELP me out of here....."

Our first EVP was a doozy ! Was a spirit trapped within the circle ? strange..!!

"A good way to appreciate the Earth..."

We're not sure what was meant by this one, but maybe we ought to start paying some attention to those crop circle messages ?


er...well...I'd just as soon this guy stayed here at the circle and didn't follow us home !(another thing about this one...I was a bit suspicious that this was caused by some technical malfunction with the digital recorder, but couldn't verify or repeat the phenomenon. Either way....wierd!)

"He loves you..... there's many................see the light."

Wow...a spiritual message !we are really going to have to start paying more attention to those crop circles !