An old Texas prairie homestead lies secluded and in ruins....silent but for the wind, occasional raindrops, and the voices of spirits whose words are captured by the digital recorders of Rich and Mary of

As Mary and I meandered down a rarely traveled country road in west Texas, we spied this old homestead in a prairie and mostly hidden by an overgrowth of trees and brush. The gate was ajar, there were no signs posted and nobody around for miles. The temptation to explore was overwhelming.

In a flash, we had our car parked, cameras, digital recorders and instruments at the ready, and were off on a new adventure. We looked at each other with a knowing gleam in our eyes. There would be spirits galore in this old house on the prairie.......

We walked slowly and observed the pathway with caution....the prairie is a favorite place for lurking rattlers !

About a hundred yards from the road, we came around the brush and were faced with the ramshackle ruins of a once proud home. Part of the house was made of wood, and had victorian wooden posts and trim around the porch.The remains of the floors and walls showed original construction of narrow wooden planks and floor joists hand hewn by axes.

At one end of the home was a large room made of stone. Covered with stucco on the inside, large sheets of the walls had crumbled and fallen to the floor. Open windows, and

holes through the roof and walls showed daylight and even plants and tree limbs wandering down the inside walls.A dark stairway revealed a cellar, with the opening partially blocked by fallen timbers from a portion of the roof.

By this time, the Electronic Voice Phenomena activity on our recorders had escalated to a buzz like a busy beehive. The spirits had taken notice of our presence, and some were not pleased with the intrusion.

A GHOST helps call for Mary when I lose sight of her !...........Mary and I usually stay apart from each other so we don't get our own voices on the recorders . Mary wandered off at one point and I called her name when I lost sight of her...A ghost voice immediately began calling for her also after I shouted ! Here you can hear my own voice , followed by the ghost voice !

"Mary,where are you?" (Rich's voice)"Mary" ! (GHOST voice)


Spirits are our own !

Mary and Richard, stay away !

Mother !.. what?...Danger around you !


This skeleton gave me a start when I stumbled upon it in the brush by the old homestead. The voices of the spirits quickly filled me in !

It's a GOAT

A horse killed it...

Ghost Lady in Gown

It was late afternoon when we visited the old homestead, and we did not see this figure on the wall. We might not have given the photo much notice except for the fact that a large portion of the EVP we acquired was female, and the imprint on the wall reaches to a height of almost eight feet (center,right) ...not a likely place for a drawing or grafitti.In fact, there was absolutely no grafitti anywhere on the property,( thank goodness) !

I'm laying by you....

In this room while taking this photo, the above female voice was recorded....good thing Mary's a good sport....LOL


All photos,text, and EVP audio copyright 2003 by Richard L. Smith