Rich answers your questions


Q- Are ghosts the origin of the voices in EVP ?

A This could depend on what your definition of a ghost is.

But let's start with a definition of what WE are...... WE are not just a physical body. The physical body is the vessel, or the biological machine through which the "real you" (you are a spirit ! ) manifests and navigates within the Earth dimension. This dimension is much more dense physically than spiritual dimensions, and our spiritual self is somewhat limited in this body in comparison to the spirits manifestation in planes of a higher order.

Now, we will add to this knowledge the fact that our presence in the earth plane consists of a dual body....and this would be (1) our physical body which we see in the mirror, and (2) the spirit body which consists of the "real you" in spirit form. This we shall call the astral body, and it surrounds the physical body like a shell, but consists of energy and substance of a higher order than is normally manifest in the Earth plane.

The astral body contains our limited conscious awareness, and it uses the brain to diseminate its will to the physical organism. When our physical body dies, the astral body remains. It is still EXACTLY as it was only moments before the physical death occurred and will remain so until the astral entity comes to grips with the loss of the physical body and gradually regains control over the awareness of it's spiritual origins . From that point of returning awareness, the astral body goes through the very complex matter of determining the spiritual value of its life on earth, and then making a decision as to whether the spirit self is worthy of moving into a higher realm towards oneness with God. If the entity is still in need of gaining more spiritual wisdom,it will perhaps return to yet another life on Earth for specific lessons and truths which were not forthcoming in the last life.

Believe me, this is a simplified explanation...but it will suffice to answer the posed question. Call them ghosts if you must...but most EVP is simply the voices of people whose physical body has passed, and they are still in their astral body prior to completing their plans for spiritual destiny.

Some of these voices come from newly departed souls, and some of the voices may come from souls who have been in the astral for a sufficient time to have nearly completed their resolve for continuing the spiritual journey. The latter, spirits in the declining period of their astral existance, can sometimes communicate in a rather "dreamy" or incoherent state as they evolve away from their astral body. This astral body will eventually decompose just as the physical body did, and from that point the entity will move on to the higher spiritual realms or return to the Earth plane in a new physical and astral body. There are many different types of entities in spirit dimensions (angels, spirit guides,etc.,) some of which have not, and may never. be in a human body. But we will deal here only with the common EVP source.

Frankly, in many ways we are better off just considering the astral and physical body to both be a part of the Earth dimension existance, allowing us to avoid confusion by not combining divine spiritual levels with the astral experience.

Q-Can anybody learn to hear ghost voices ?

A Certainly...All you need is the desire, some time to devote to your new interest, and a small budget to get your digital recorder and some software for your PC. (See website for equipment needed)

Q- Does this interfere with religious beliefs ?

A It should not...after all, remember that we are hearing the voices of the astral body (that which is still associated with the human experience) and has NOT yet passed into the spirit realm (or "heaven" if you prefer ). Once the consciousness passes into the spirit realm seeking oneness with God, we no longer have this communication through EVP. Remember, religion as we know it is for Earth-bound society...not the divine realms of eternity.

Q- What if I get in contact with a violent or angry ghost ?

A You must realize that for the most part these ghosts are quite unlikely to actually do you any physical harm while practicing EVP. Yes, there are stories of folks who have unwisely wandered into unfamiliar ghostly realms and suffered injury from unknown phenomenon... but I have never known personally anyone who was injured by a spirit while verbalizing through EVP technique….(.frightened ? well…yes. but not hurt) and we do not advise inexperienced people to initiate hostilities with the spirit world through EVP or any other means!

Contact with an angry or frightened spirit is going to happen to you at some point while doing EVP sessions. But all you have to do is simply sever the connection by avoiding recording sessions and by not replying to the undesirable spirit. After experience has gained you the necessary confidence, you may actually determine that the entity in question is only lost or scared, (or both) and you may then decide to try to counsel and assist the spirit in finding their way towards the light and spiritual help.

Q- Who are you, and how did you ever get into this study ?

A I call myself a technician, and a field investigator, of "paranormal" electronic voice communications. I have formal schooling and background in electronics, beginning with service in Naval Intelligence as an operational intelligence equipment operator and technician. As an aircrewman, my job involved the airborn intercept and analysis of guidance control signals for enemy missle systems which included the use of sophisticated audio, video, and direction finding devices.. As an aircrewman and technician I flew over 100 "spy plane" missions of this type. I am a licensed pilot, certified scuba diver, have been an independent businessman for over 30 years, have traveled quite a bit about the world, and have independently studied the paranormal all my adult life.

Although this type of audio and video technical background is very useful, it is not necessary for the average person to have such a background, nor such an independent lifestyle as myself, in order to experience and study paranormal electronics voice communication.

As a field investigator, I like to find myself in the field attached to the "action" side of the business, and am definitely not the guy you'll find burrowed into a laboratory doing lengthy studies , experiments and such....

My primary goal is to find techniques that the average person can use to find answers to personal spiritual issues, and pass these techniques on to others so they may experience these truths as well.....

My secondary goal is to explore the limits of electronic voice communication for the average person.....Just how precise in spirit communication can we get ? Can we develop two-way "real time" communication ? Can we communicate with aliens ?....bigfoot...? beings from the future ?

Q- EVP.....What do you do thats different ?

EVC -electronic voice communication- our way

A Well, to begin with, I rule out casual or random messages by getting comfortable with actually talking out loud to the spirits, and then demanding appropriate replys in context with subjects discussed. Now that may seem simple enough, but it's actually easier said than done...Experienced psychics who are used to constant mental communication with the spirit world usually have difficulty with this adjustment. And we have definitely found that mental communication will not produce the desired recorded results we seek. Even Mary and I , if we get away from a routine of talking to the spirit world for a few days, can find ourselves rusty and somewhat uncomfortable with this until we are "back in the groove". Also, a persistent and regular schedule of EVP sessions must be maintained in order to convince the spirits that you are to be trusted.

I ask them specific questions, and repeat the questions until I have received an answer. No answer ? then I move on to the next question...

I ask for identifying names or themes and ask for them to repeatedly use "keywords" to help me be certain of their identity. Once a spirit is identified, a point is made of regularly asking again for their assistance....and thanking them for that communication as well....

I have found that using selected individuals with experience and ability in psychic sensitivity can produce above average results in EVP sessions (if certain protocols are followed).. ANYBODY can do EVP , but I believe that EV comunications are greatly enhanced by concentration of psychic or mental efforts. With less experienced individuals, we stress the importance of using meditative methods to enhance concentration and awareness as well as dedication to a regular and repeated routine of spirit communication. In the case of electronics voice communication, we find that dedication and experience will eventually make up for so called psychic "gifts".

(This is important because it comes up often, particularly with persons less experienced in electronic voice communication. )

A Here are four of the most common explanations for these conflicts:

*the first reason is that almost all electronic voice samples contain more than one fact, it is theorized that the presence of electronic voice communications may technically be infinite in numbers and limited only by our immediate capability to retrieve any particular message in the universe, past present or future.

It is likely that further inroads in the study of quantum physics, string theory, membrane theory ("branes"), or any as of yet undiscovered advanced physics which indicates the existance of other dimensions, will improve electronics voice communication.

*another reason is simply the differences in our own hearing abilities, usually combined with inexperience at listening to the subtleties of the electronic voice. In order to help find any hidden sounds that may affect replay of the message, I always try to conduct a poll of 4 or 5 different people who have listened to an audio selected for publishing or presentation to the public . For example, most of us usually hear pretty much the same thing, but one of our friends seems to not hear as well in the higher frequency range. This affects his comprehension of the higher pitched "whispering voices" and he usually will focus on the deeper pitched male voices.

*the next thing is the wide variation of receiver and playback devices that the public may use to replay these audio samples. Of course, in our working audio lab , we have a fairly good system for analysis and sound reproduction and any audio processed here might sound different on a different home or PC system.

*the last important thing is that most folks simply don't realize how complex the brain processing of an audio sound may be. In normal conversation, our brains not only comprehend the words coming to us, but also it processes direction, loudness, traces visually related signals such as hand movements and body language, and most amazingly, it actually comprehends content to the extent of understanding different accents and grammatical errors, and anticipates questions and comments by having ready an immediate reply to the current verbal message.

However, in the case of a 2 to 5 second electronic group of words that usually requires consideration to meaning of the message, and with no previous conversational clues, the brain is much slower to process, and works better with Electronic voice communication when the selection is repeated and studied for content.

IMPORTANT :If an EVP selection on this website doesn't sound to you quite like the interpretation given it, consider the above mentioned possible causes,but do not try to re-process the EVP sample again by software or filtering. This will likely change the audio structure in such a manner that the original voicecapture may be lost or irreparably damaged. Speech is composed of base or root tones and multiples of that root called harmonics. These harmonics are removed by filtering and noise reduction software programs, thus causing the end audio product to be flat and somewhat fragile in structure. Any additional tampering, especially by novice persons will likely destroy the EVP selection. If an EVP audio selection interpretation is in question in any way, one must return to the original unprocessed audio data for a new approach to filtering. ALL EVP SELECTIONS PUBLISHED BY PARATEXAS.COM ARE REVIEWED FOR MESSAGE INTERPRETATION BY A PANEL OF PERSONS NOT INVOLVED WITH THE DIGITAL PROCESSING OF THAT VOICE SAMPLE

The reason for "us being able to tune into two messages in the same EVP segment is due to a kind of "phase" shifting of the signal, sometimes due to over processing that signal. This is called "stochastic resonance" (A stochastic resonance is a phenomenon in which a nonlinear system is subjected to a periodic signal so weak as to be normally undetectable, but it becomes detectable due to resonance between the weak deterministic signal and stochastic noise.)

When a group electronically processes a voice sample together and in a step by step process , disagreements are rare on content and meaning. In the end, consider that misunderstandings often occur in normal conversation but are overlooked because the total meaning and context of the conversation is readily available. In EVP it's best to not be concerned over small differences as EVP is not a refined and precise form of communication. We are lucky to have it "as is"

Q-What do you say to skeptics ?

SKEPTIC Sir William Siemens, (1880) once said "Such startling announcements as these should be deprecated as being unworthy of science and mischievious to its true progress."

What was he talking about ? He was referring to Thomas Edison's invention of a sucessful light bulb!

A First off, let me say that I firmly believe that one needs to remain "humble" at all costs when studying or experimenting with the paranormal. We are dealing here with truths and forces which are far bigger than our fragile little human egos, and we must open and expand our minds to the fullest.

Skeptical ? No one was more skeptical than I when first looking into the prospects of "recording ghosts voices" on a tape recorder ! It simply did not fit with my teachings from school and experience. However, I did not merely stand around blowing hot air about what I thought....instead I set out to seriously try the techniques for myself.

Skeptical is fine, when the purpose is actually to help answer and explain the questions and issues at hand. But when the sole purpose is to discredit "at all costs" by using deceit, manipulation, and an arrogant attitude that considers all humans as ignorant, superstitious, and moronic outright liars, then the so called skeptic is only using the issues as fodder for his own very narrow , ego driven personality, which is powered mostly with manipulation and twisting of others' words and human experiences.

If the skeptic is that sure of himself, why then must he constantly resort to public pursuit of his one sided venue ? Actually, the true non-believer goes on with his daily activities, and does not worry about that which does not concern him. The "driven" skeptic, however, is much like the "homophobic" who can't leave the issue alone, because he himself harbors internal doubts which he , the skeptic, cannot face.

I do not argue the experiences that I present. I offer them to the interested individual who is seeking critical answers to questions of his own mortality. I show them how to seek and find the answers for themselves.

My experiences are published for all to see, take them or leave them...but do not argue with me or call me a liar, or the discussion will be terminated.

Q- I would like to start recording EVP. What do I need and how do I get started ?

A. Everything you need to know to get started is on this website. START HERE