click to listen to an actual ghost voice recorded in the Waverly Sanatorium........

"Oh my Lord..."

A child's voice warns security guards

"Gotta get out of here Bo,"

Located near Louisville, Kentucky, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was originally opened in 1911 for the purpose of handling the treatment of victims of Tuberculosis. At first, just a small facility, the larger unit of over 400 rooms and staff quarters was added in 1924, and TB treatment was terminated in 1961. From 1963 till 1980, the buildings were used as a geriatric center.

It is said that the TB center was mostly family run, and most of the dedicated staff lived in residence. It was a loving and kind atmosphere. Records show that over the years, more than 63,000 people passed away within the walls of this magificient structure...

....The Institution is open for scheduled tours only...do not trespass !!

View from the rear of the Hospital, showing laundry facility in foreground

front view of the massive structure shows Ivy climbing the walls

All photos on this page were graciously sent to us by TOM SCHWARTZ, of Louisville, Kentucky. Tom volunteers his time at the vacant facility as a security guard, and is passionate about the commitment of a local group to prevent the loss of this historic property. All photographs herein were taken by Tom, and are copyright protected.

In Tom's home

Tom has acquired a "companion"orb. Originally photographed at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, it now has been captured in many locations as it follows Tom throughout his daily activites. A guardian spirit, perhaps? Or an appreciative spirit from Waverly?

A wedding...

On the roof of Waverly Hills

At a fire scene...


Raw data for the EVP messages from Waverly Hills was recorded on a micro cassette by LEE WEAVER, a friend of Toms, who shares in the passion for keeping the historical site intact.

The data was processed thru the Paranormal Investigations Computer Lab and resulted in some great EVP for this story.

click to hear a spirit voice commenting on graffiti and vandalism at Waverly

"real mean kids, what's it comin' to...."


Decades of suffering have resulted in a paranormally supercharged atmosphere at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.



It's all there....and Tom and others who volunteer at the old building see para- normal activity on a regular basis. In the dark, human shadow forms can be seen going in and out of rooms and Tom and a friend, Ron, stood for 5 full minutes and watched a glowing pulsating light in the solarium, as it hung suspended in the air. Finally, they switched on their flashlights, (there is no electricity) and immediately the globe dissappeared!

Inside the Waverly Morgue


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