By Organizing your Gear !

RICH AND MARYS DUO BACK-UP SYSTEM....Digital stills backed up with SONY night vision VIDEO CAM..for double documentation and action

VERSITILITY- Make your equipment more versatile with the addition of a few inexpensive attachments-every piece shown above was purchased at garage sales !

Double the credibility of your photos with still as well as video back-up

Used With Tripod

Or...another option

Use flat bar attachments (as shown above left) to arrange your digital still camera and vid cam in a side-by-side arrangement.....

Or.....better yet

use a side by side arrangement along with a top mounted infrared illuminator for a three-way system

Hand Held for action shots


Rich and Mary use durable aluminum, foam lined, hard cases to protect their equipment.

Shown above:RCA Quasar Video Cam, digital still cam, spare AA, AAA batteries (rechargeable) spare memory chips for digital still cam, one phillips screwdriver, one slot screwdriver, spare vid-cam batteries, wall mount AA battery cahrger (110vac), spare video tapes, digital voice recorder in case, camera info booklet

Shown above: Trifield EMF meter, infrared temperature scanner, Radiation Alert Monitor 4 Geiger Counter, misc patch cords, miniature mike, spare microcassettes for recorder, binoculars, cases with two 125 minute digital recorders, spare 9v batteries, measuring tape, and room for more !!


A hunters style vest can be your very own personnal holds everything for you in pockets and keeps items organized. Ours even has a big zip-up pocket on the back that has room for snacks.