Chip Coffey,(internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, and Investigator), and Patti Starr, (voted one of the Top Ten Paranormal Investigators in America for 2007) teamed up as hosts of the Second Annual Ghost Chasers Week End held in beautiful, historic Savannah, Ga.

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Reporting from Savannah, Ga. for

(left) Richard L. Smith (Rich), Investigator, author, and EVP specialist, was present at the Savannah Conference and took part both as guest speaker on EVP and participant in many investigations and visits to haunted locations.

There was scarcely a dry eye in the room after Chris Moon (Haunted Times Magazine) took the spotlight at Kevin Barrys Pub with his prized version of "Franks Box" a device that allows two-way contact with spirits. The method somewhat resembles using a two-way radio of sorts, but the voices are much like EVP . More than 30 people lined up and spoke with deceased loved ones.

above: Chris Moon


Andrew Calder (L) and Jeannette Osbourne(R) gave a seminar on precautions all Investigators should take to protect themselves from negative entities...something which, they explained, is very dangerous to neglect !





Chip Coffey and Patti Starr gave a sparkling seminar on their ghost hunting and psychic activities and college lecture presentations. They had great ghost photos and EVP's to show the group as well !



*Visits to several of Savannah's Haunted Squares and the "Ghost Talk Ghost Walk"

*Investigations and visits to "The Oyster Bar", "Moon River Brewing Company", "Bonaventure Cemetery", "Fort Pulaski", "Savannah Smiles Piano Bar",

Guest Speakers included: *the "Wyrick Family" (re: their haunting experiences which included the famous case of the ghost visitation of "Mr. Gordy" * Chris Moon, publisher Haunted Times Magazine, demonstrating his sensational electronics device for personal communication with the dead. *Chip Coffey and Patti Starr, with an impressive visual and audio diary of many of their ghost hunting experiences * Rev Andrew Calder and Jeannette Osbourne, speaking on the subject of demons and negative entities.

Chris Moon, Rev Calder and Jeannette Osbourne's sessions were broadcast on the radio from Kevin Barry's Pub. This seminar was indeed the highlight of the week end. Dr Jimmy Lowery and Heather Lowery presented this seminar on air for APSR Paranormal Radio


Savannah Facts

Founded in 1733, Savannah's downtown area is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the US.

Oh...and yes, you bet it is haunted !

NEXT : Rich's EVP recordings & photos from the weekend

Note: In order to enable you to hear the Investigators as well as the ghost voices, you may experience download time due to the large file sizes (unless you have a broad band or fast connection)

Beginning with A VERY SPECIAL EVP recorded by Rich as he strolled thru the Savannah Parks with Chip Coffey

Click on EVP to listen : "I Love Thee...Come to the Light..."

Another great EVP directed to Chip Coffey "They spoke to me ! "

FROM: Bonaventure Cemetery

EVP: (A spirit answers as we ask for names) "Can you please tell us your name ?" answer "Rick Olsen"

FROM Moon River Brewery

When asked for spirits to say their names, a female replied..

EVP "What do you want ?"

FROM Moon River Brewery

One of the most common spirit topics mentioned comes up as a spirit wants us to note that energy is low

EVP: "Energy limit"...ENERGY !"

FROM Moon River Brewery

EVP: "Help me"

EVP: "Tell us how old you are"

answer "nineteen...."

above: Karl Christopherson, DPS Officer and Paranormal Investigator from Las Vegas, experienced his first apparition in the basement of Moon River Brewery. As Rich and he stood in the above doorway, Karl observed a shadow person exit from inside the brick wall next to Rich, and then continued past them into the pool table room.

EVP: "Take a picture of me"

EVP: "Thank you ! "

above: While on a "Haunted Squares" walk through with Patti and Chip, an old cemetery was passed by and the following EVP was captured.

EVP: ("this is Richard" spoken by Rich)... answer "Richard !"

An amazing EVP exchange occurs between Rich and a spirit named Larry...Rich asks for spirits to speak, and a voice says "Here you go" and then says his name "Larry" when asked !

EVP: Here you go - Larry !"

above: Chip discovers a young girl in spirit in a small park across from the church pictured above. The following EVPs were recorded as Chip tried to get the youngster spirit to talk.

A spirit asks for "Chip" and then possibly the young girl in spirit speaks

EVP:"Chip", (then Rich says "Are you looking for someone?") answer "Look at him"

EVP: (Rich-Can you help)-" I Cannot...sorry !)

EVP: "He called ME !


above: A very emotional EVP message was picked up by Rich while strolling through a section of Bonaventure Cemetery which contained rows of military crosses over the caskets of US War veterans.

EVP: Rich thanks the vets for their service to their country and receives a touching reply from a war vet who says " We love ya, Bud..."

EVP: Please tell us your name... "I don't know ! "