Recently this photo was taken of our van on the road in rural Texas near Houston. Apparently the pic wound up being circulated across the web to several websites as well as Facebook, with a resulting variety of reactions. On the whole, reaction was very friendly, and many were just curious folks who know nothing about the paranormal except the ongoing TV SciFi type reality shows.

The first result was an immediate barrage of inquiries for our services. This would be great normally, but due to the wide distribution of the photo, the result was hundreds of requests which had to be referred to other paranormal groups, as 99% of the requests were far beyond a practical mileage range for us to assist except for advice and referrals.

I was asked by a couple of radio programs to join them for discussions. I do appreciate the cordial invitations. However, after forty years of studying and investigating paranormal technique and method, twenty years of applying those methods, and countless radio shows and TV blips on TV news, interviews, etc., I now prefer to teach, and to write articles for the benefit of serious students of the spiritual nature of the universe, while assisting local people with spirit visitations in their homes and buildings.

As for the skeptical crowd, I always simply make recommendations by suggesting method and study (books for instance) which will help those types learn at their own pace instead of arguing away their precious time on this Earth. (Unfortunately, I find that the skeptics are far more interested in arguing than learning, but I try anyway).


I was a bit surprised to see a couple of comments about the tired old issue of "to charge money or not".

Throughout history, that argument had dogged those with gifts of prophecy and psychic abilities (some of whom practiced even at the risk of life), and was culturally avoided in discussions in a manner similar to avoidance of recognizing the profession of prostitution. "Yep, should we make 'em pay for it, or give it for free?" I would suggest that the answer depends entirely on what sort of respect the "cause" requires! Give it away, and you risk the chance that the end result may not produce the mutual respect and passionate response desired.

My observations in this regard in my over 40 years of study have demonstrated, as a rule of thumb, that "newbies", or younger students of the paranormal may offer services for free because:

1. They are learning.

2. They lack complete confidence that they can yet do the "best" job, so they fear getting bad feedback from clients. (This seems normal to me in any case where people are new at something)

3. Someone along the line has convinced them that there is something morally wrong about accepting a fee for "this kind of service". The problem is what will you do when your passionate efforts are adding up to 60-80 hours a week at this and you are charging your Visa card to the max for expensive equipment and finding yourself unable to pay the bills?

Remember the old rule: "You get what you pay for". I have news for all the armchair observers of the paranormal reality shows. The people who desire these services and can pay, will not only expect to pay, but , if happy with you, will absolutely INSIST you take a payment if they have to stick it in your pocket themselves. Do what suits you...If you can do it for free, more power to you, but it is very nice to be able to operate in a financially stress free environment. and still help all who ask.

In the last decade, there has been a quickly expanding field of studying, researching, and investigation of spiritual phenomena and it's relationship to our origins and connection with life after death. The profession in the last decade or two is becoming recognized as a full time endeavor. Fellow paranormal enthusiasts..."Embrace this trend, and give it fuel"

Indeed, our task is complex, and we must break new ground and change old attitudes. It will require serious devotion to disciplined study, regular practice, and more and more will require monetary resources in order to better serve our fellow man in the search for that inner peace obtainable by genuine knowledge of Universal and Spiritual Law.


As for my monetary policy in helping others who are in need of knowledge and help with a paranormal situation? It's simple... for me at least 80% of my work is done willingly and "gratus" as a heart felt humanitarian gesture when folks tell me they don't have extra money for this. Many folks are in dire need and don't have the finances to cover costs. This gesture comes from the passion which drives us in this field in the first place. We help them anyway.

Another 10% is accepted on a "donation" basis. In those cases, sometimes it helps for the expense for gasoline, and miscellaneous expendable items, but rarely even covers bare expenses.

The last 10% consists of consideration from financially comfortable clients who appreciate what we do so much, that they insist on providing for the years of expense, time, study, and just plain hard work that enables us to get there to help them. These people know fullwell of this regimen as they have lived the same path in their own profession, and expect to show respect by payment for value received.


I am an audio specialist, and a field investigator, of "paranormal" electronic voice communications. I have formal schooling and background in electronics, beginning with service in Naval Intelligence as an operational intelligence equipment operator and technician. As an aircrewman, my classified (Top Secret) work involved the recon airborn intercept, locating, and analysis of sophisticated audio and video spectrum weapon guidance systems, and I have had experience in other electronic fields as well. I am a licensed pilot, certified scuba diver, have been an independent businessman for over 30 years, have traveled quite a bit about the world, and have independently studied the paranormal all my adult life. Presently, I am retired and spend every available moment trying to further advance the education of anyone who will listen about our spiritual origins and universal truth.

Although this type of audio and video technical background is responsible for my expertise in my current "advanced" EVP and inter-dimensional communications endeavors, it is not necessary for the average person to have such a background, nor such an independent lifestyle as myself, in order to experience and study the paranormal field. I do teach advanced inter-dimensional communication methods in my studio in Alvin, Tx.

My primary goal is to find techniques that the average person can use to find answers to personal spiritual issues, and pass these techniques on to others so they may experience these truths as well.....

My secondary goal is to explore the limits of inter-dimensional communication for the average person.....Just how precise in spirit communication can we get ? Can we develop two-way "real time" communication ? Can we communicate with aliens ?....bigfoot...? beings from the future ?

Please stop by my website It is a "huge" website, no ads, no pop ups, just good articles, information, and entertainment for the paranormal investigator.



Heads up! Watch for upcoming information on the newest most advanced inter- dimensional form of communication now being researched . I am also a hypnotherapist specializing in Past Lives Regression, and am currently working with groundbreaking methods using hypnotherapy as a meditation inducing method for directly contacting one's own spirit guides. This is not something I stumbled upon, but is being taught to me by some amazing individuals who have not attempted to make these techniques public except by referral. This is the single most exciting thing I have ever seen or experienced, and I am predicting that advanced methods of this sort will be widely practiced in the next one or two decades. In the meantime I am going to diligently work on it!


Richard L. Smith, Director

Paranormal Investigations of Texas

Interdimensional Communications LLC