"Paranormal Investigations of Texas" leads the field in EVP technique and communications. The permanent members of this group are Rich and Mary, Damon Patterson (tech and photographer), Maggie James (psychic), and REX, (our esteemed morale booster in the form of a 120 lb American Bulldog..) Occasionally some selected individuals may be included in a specific investigation and each of those people are hand picked for their dedication , unique talents, and psychic abilities that may contribute to the mission at hand.

Richard-Founder and Chief Investigator, author, webmaster www.paratexas.com

Mary- Founder and EVP Investigator

left: Annette-Guest Investigator trainee, video photographer

middle: Margaret James (Maggie)-Investigator, Practitioner of Quantum Touch Healing, and Permanent Psychic technique organizer for group

right: Khanada-Guest Investigator trainee, video photographer

NEW MEMBER Laura J. Bartel has joined Paratexas.com as an associate Investigator and researcher. Laura has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Polymer Chemistry and is currently completing her Masters in Forensic Psychology.

as of 2011

Cheryl Head, Psychic Investigator

associate and student as of Oct 2012

Damon gives vidcam tips to Annette and Khanada


above: Damon Patterson- Chief video photographer and computer hardware tech, permanent member



Talking Shadows

Deep in the abyss of dispair
voices struggling to reach the air
Souls flourish, seeking to enter the light.

Out of shadows of that long night
while searching for ears to hear of their plight
Souls are desparate for mortals to listen without fright.

Talking shadows in dreams at night
compel us to to gasp with all our might.
Know that with faith and love we win the fight
to quiet the talking shadows after bringing them to the light.

Peace and love then surrounds all in the air
Leaving behind all heart ache and despair.

Sent to us by:

Pamela Rivette
January 19th 2009

EVP____Help me, please...

Psychic Pamela Rivette (also known as RainbowMoon Under Sun) works with Paratexas.com on cases occasionally


Tarot, psychic readings by phone or in person

Alvin, Texas, and Houston-Galveston area




MEET "REX"- 120 lb American Bulldog, in charge of office security, group morale

and making sure any dropped morsels of food are picked up from the office floor...