Investigating Demons


Article by Richard L. Smith, author, Paranormal Investigator, EVP reseacher, webmaster of Paranormal Investigations of Texas


A young investigator with only a years experience was along with her group searching for paranormal clues in an old house. Someone asked her if she wanted to try the dowsing rods and she agreed, but stated that she didn't think they would work with her. Without any plan in mind, she held out the rods in the proper manner and began to walk. Suddenly, the rods quickly moved to the left, and with a surprised look on her face she turned left also and kept walking. Again, as she walked down a hall the rods moved and directed her to a doorway to a room. She was so astonished that she didn't really know what to say or do next (not knowing what to do next was her "2nd" mistake-the "1st" was venturing into paranormal dowsing without a plan or researching the technique first).

At this point she made a wise decision to stop right there and get the rest of the group. But in her mind she was excited and wondered if a spirit was "helping" her to learn this ability with the rods. Here she made her "3rd" and final mistake as she said out loud "Thank you for helping me, I hope you will come with me again and help me" And with those words, the demonic entity attached itself to her and proceeded to give her a year of hell before she was finally rid of the entity (with the guidance and help of experts in this particular field)

A lot of my viewer audience is, of course, interested in learning to investigate ghost sightings and hauntings. As I am teaching the skills that are necessary to be successful in these endeavors, I need to constantly point out to my students that although encounters with demonic spirits are not all that common, it is within the realm of possibility that one can find themselves in a heap of trouble if an evil creature becomes obsessed with you for any reason. And the hell of it is, much of the time it is entirely the fault of the inexperienced investigator who has unwittingly invited the difficult situation by just a slip of the tongue, or an action which can be interpreted in the wrong way by an evil entity.

Just what are these things anyway?

Actually there are many opinions and theories about what "Demons" may be and where they may come from, varying from religious beliefs to extra dimensional unknowns. Personally, I think it's better to hold on to your opinions about that until you have expertly worked with investigating these mysteries for many years. Then you will be better equipped to relate to others your knowledge and experience, thus offering them the advice they need to stay safe.

Many apparitions seen that are not in human form may be taken at face value as demonic by some, such as "shadow people: hooded or cloaked figures; half-man and half-animal shapes (like a man with a horse head); small creatures that resemble gargoyles; willowy, wispy forms of no specific shape that seem to move about as if they are in control of their movement; small hairy beasts with stubby limbs; animal shapes with exaggerated limbs or growths such as tentacles; red or black threatening eyes, or creatures eminating unhuman noises such as growls" Many times these forms may be accompanied by foul odors as well. These are some of the odd creatures I and my associates have seen over the years. Oddly, although none of these creatures seem like anything we would want to come across, any of them either may or may not be actual demons and mean you harm. Trouble is if you make any mistakes trying to find out which it is, it may take much time and effort to untangle the frightful web you might have woven.

Eastern religions describe many creatures of the lower dimensional realms that would probably be lumped into the demon category here in the western world. Also, some other small creatures described as "elementals" often fit these descriptions as well. There are many, many other kingdoms of life evolving around us. We are usually not able to "see" so called fairies, leprachauns, nature spirits, etc., until we became so immersed in the study of these beliefs that unique opportunities to observe them may occur. It should be considered that some elementals of this sort may have acute dislike for humans because of our carelessness with the natural world. Personally, I am quite certain I have had visual experience with some of these frightening "elemental" types but have never experienced harm of any sort from them. I can admit, however, to having passionate emotional responses to some of these visitations which I interpreted as nothing less than shame for my fellow man who behaves in such a hateful, violent and selfish manner on this most precious Planet Earth.

In my case I don't recall in 15 years of direct contact with spirits that I have actually ever come face to face with, or had an unsavory meeting with, a full fledged evil spirit. I like to think that good fortune is because of certain protocols I follow, (and I will tell you those shortly), however, the unknown world of the paranormal can make you think you know all the answers and then turn around and bite you on the ass...hard!

The Protocol...good common sense more than anything !!

Question: Do you know why it is a bad idea to use a Ouija Board?

Answer: Because as you are operating the board and communicating with an unamed and unknown spirit, you are touching the board and asking for the spirit's answer...inadvertently you are giving permission for the spirit to go into your body to manipulate your hand and move the pointer!!

When you can figure out an explanation such as this on your own without having it explained to you, then you are on the right track. Just good common sense together with more and more experience is the way you learn to protect yourself... THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO AND SAY!


Don't do something another suggests without giving it some serious thought!

Control your fear!! Demonics are looking to exploit your weaknesses.

Do not engage in rituals, candles, etc., except when in the company of proven experts. Let them do it, you watch and stay quiet unless told otherwise by the expert.

Watch out for pre-occupying your thoughts while on investigations. Are you having trouble with your significant other?...lying to someone about something important?...grieving over a loss? If so, pass on the investigations until you are stable and fully in control of your emotions!

Learn some prayers...They are immensely important and helpful. Make doubly sure you make it clear who you are praying to! For instance do not say "angels" without identifying which kind of angels you are talking to...are there "dark angels" ...are there "fallen angels", or "evil angels"? THINK!! Say a prayer of protection before entering any space which may bear harmful or confused spirits.

Do you know anyone who has been bitten or killed by a shark? I don't, and not many people do, even though it has happened and we hear about it in the media. So...the analogy is that we have a few demons here on Earth as well don't we? If you don't want to be maimed by a shark, then don't go swimming with them. Get It??!! ...learn the rules!

A few notations about demonic behaviors

Needy spirits or demons will press for more and more communication and interaction, using lying and pretending to be something that they are not.

Demons may affect the emotions of the victim, usually in the home or location where the problem started, but not always. This can take the form of depression, withdrawal from socializing, disturbances in their sleep so they get little rest, causing fatigue and irritability.

Victims may hear voices, either in their head or in the room with them. These voices often encourage the victim to do negative or harmful things to themselves or others.

Unexplained scratches or "bites" may occur, often at night or during sleep.

NEVER, ever, attempt any communication with a suspected demon or think that you can try to outsmart them.– this is perhaps the most dangerous thing one can do...


This is by no means meant to be a complete volume of information on Demons. If you want to learn more, do some research on the internet. This page is just a wake-up to help keep everyone safe from making a silly mistake that could disrupt your sanity for awhile.

Spirits or Demons only have the power you give them. If you fear them, you are giving them your power. They can manifest through you at your expense.

Remember too, that there are many human spirits who were bullies in their lives and may try to continue this activity in spirit. You will come across many of these in the "temporary" astral dimension which surrounds and includes Earth space. Most of the human spirits can't do much to bother you if you are smart and think about the manner in which you conduct yourself during investigations. I have had spirits call me every name in the book, even threaten to kill me and anything else you can imagine, but usually it is just an empty remnant of their past life that passes as quickly as it was spoken.