Spirits warn Rich of Hurricane IKE a full month before the actual event!

Can ghosts actually give warning of physical events on Earth ? The answer is "YES", if you know how to use EVP as a communication hotline to the Astral plane !

In an EVP session one month before the storm, ghosts warn Rich of "dangers in the state of Texas" !



(click on above to hear actual spirit voices recorded in EVP session one month before Hurricane IKE blasted ashore at Galveston Island and tore through the state.The hurricane scored a direct hit on Alvin, Texas as well, (Rich and Mary's hometown) delivering winds up to 110 mph continually for eight straight hours !


Tidal surge shown here enveloping homes on Galveston Island as Hurricane IKE slams into the Texas coast...

In above message, a spirit is advising Rich of the possibility that a cataclysmic event could occur at some point in the future of the Gulf Coastal area.


Above photo taken on Galveston Island after hurricane IKE left devastation in it's wake.....



The audio segments on this page are part of several EVP communication sessions conducted a full month before Hurricane IKE arrived on the Texas coast. In one of these prior EVP sessions (a month before the storm), Rich was cautioned of a dangerous event to occur at the home in Alvin immediately, and it turned out that within 48 hours of that warning a large tree fell in Rich and Marys backyard. The tree narrowly missed their house and neighbors as well, but shortly thereafter another EVP session advised that this was an "eye opener" to cause us to evaluate our property for safety during the coming hurricane. The EVP segments here on this page are some of the conversation that took place between spirits and Rich during that two day period. As a result of this warning, Rich and family spent several days doing large scale trimming of trees in the Alvin home's yard...This action directly resulted in saving the home from great harm from downed tree damage. Tree damage to property in this area was widespread and costly...


50 foot pecan tree goes down in Rich and Mary's neighborhood...one of many in Alvin, Texas, about twenty miles from the beach and about thirty miles from the eye of the storm.

(Above...Rich is advised before the storm to get his family out of the area)


Many in Alvin are without electricity for weeks

Debris piled along the street in front of Rich and Mary's house two weeks after the storm

(Above...spirits advise Rich and Mary to move from the Gulf Stream affected areas on the Gulf Coast)