Hell Yes or Hell No?

so, tell me...Is there really a "Hell"?

We are pleased to present for our readers Dr Mark Pitstick's newsletter article on the question of the existance of "Hell". Whether or not "Hell" exists as is commonly believed by many is a question which is frequently put before myself and others like Mark who are on the front lines trying to promote open mindedness about life after death. In all my years of working with and studying the paranormal (especially through EVP), my findings about the existance of a Hell all agree with Mark's observations as expressed here. We thank Mark for permitting this reprint. Be sure and get signed up for his free newsletter (info at bottom of page).....Richard L. Smith webmaster www.paratexas.com

Mark Pitstick, B.S., M.A., D.C., has over 30 years experience and training in hospitals, mental health centers, pastoral counseling settings, and holistic private practice.

His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology and pastoral counseling studies, a master’s in clinical psychology, and a doctorate in chiropractic health care.

He was trained and certified in past life regression therapy by Brian Weiss, M.D., and the after-death contact technique by Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D. A frequent radio and TV talk show guest, Mark hosted “Soul-utions,” a nationally syndicated radio show focusing on after -life evidence and practical spirituality. more here

from "Soul Proof" newsletter Sept. '09
Dr. Mark Pitstick www.soulproof.com

Is There A Hell?

I received a few irate letters after last month's newsletter about "Is There a Hell?" I had assumed that many of my readers had read "Soul Proof" and understood the various facets of this topic. My mistake.

So here's part 2 of what is a very important discussion. Many thinking people discount any notion of a Supreme Being because
of orthodox teachings that it's possible to suffer in eternal hell fires.

From one perspective, there are clearly temporary, self-induced hells--but not eternal fiery ones due to Divine judgment or decree. Souls that inhabited humans like Hitler usually must sleep for eons before they can face the Light. Their transgressions were too grievous to glimpse and they indeed suffer hell as their life review trickles out over time. They face a long rehab and
counseling process to heal a soul that accompanied such an imbalanced body/mind.

But eternity is a very long time and even these can enter the Light when they have truly repented, made amends, forgiven themselves, and ask.

Even when there is orthodox religious training to the contrary, those with near-death experiences, NDErs, do not describe death as an entrance into either a fiery hell or golden streets. Instead, they commonly describe dying as a transition, an entry into a
higher state of consciousness. Other comparisons are to a reunion, homecoming, awakening, graduating, or escaping from jail. They don't view God as a punishing, judgmental despot but, rather, a totally fair and loving Presence that works with each soul no
matter how sinful or awful their deeds while on earth. As many NDErs put it, you are one with the One.

Near-death experiences--NDEs--usually engender more enlightened theological views. Having glimpsed the Light, these near-death survivors know firsthand that Creator completely and always forgives and understands. They have experienced an almost
unbearable degree of love and acceptance and know that the Infinite is not vengeful and judgmental. Most NDErs no longer fear eternal punishment in hell, nor believe any such place exists.

In "The Light Beyond", Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., states, "One NDEer I spoke to had been a minister of the fire and brimstone variety. It wasn't infrequent, he said, for him to tell his congregation that if they didn't believe the Bible in a certain way, they would be condemned to burn eternally. When he went through his NDE, he said the being of light told him not to speak to his congregation like this anymore. But it was done in a nondemanding way. The being just implied that what he was doing was making the lives of his congregation miserable. When this preacher returned to the pulpit, he did so with a message of love, not fear."

When I asked him about the concepts that heaven and hell are levels of consciousness, degrees of closeness to or separation from God and knowledge of our real selves, Aramaic scholar Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D., replied: "This is close to the original
Aramaic. The Christian concept of hell is not found in the Hebrew or Aramaic language. The word usually translated from the Hebrew as hell--'sheol'--means a chaotic passageway through which the soul passes after the body goes back to its various elements. The notion of hell as some sort of eternal punishment would not have been known or even understood by Jesus and his listeners. It was not in their native language."

Some people question whether God embraces everyone, especially those committing morally reprehensible acts like rape, murder, and molestation. In "Lessons from the Light", Ken Ring, Ph.D., states that the answer by NDErs is unqualified: everyone gets to enter the Light. This runs counter to some teachings and some understandably question, "Even Hitler?"

Of this, Ring states, "I remember an answer that was given to this query by an NDEr friend of mine who, as a child, had suffered severe sexual and physical abuse from her father. When she found herself in the Light, she asked it telepathically, 'Does everyone come here?' She was told 'Yes.' Then, she herself asked the very question that represents the limit for most people: 'Even Hitler?' 'Yes.' And, then, pushing the Light even further, she found herself asking, 'Even my father?' Again, 'Yes.'"

I hope this information helps you glimpse that Source Energy really is all loving, all wise, and all present. You are part and parcel
of this phenomena.

And, no matter what your past transgressions, you're no Adolph Hitler.

So relax, get comfortable in your earth suit, and enjoy this amazing walk in the woods with Great Spirit that we call life on

Remember, my friends, that a vast amount of religious, clinical, scientific and firsthand evidence convincingly proves that we each
really are immortal spiritual beings. This is the good news that sets us free, that helps us make sense of what often seems to be a
chaotic world. We each truly are "soul proof", just as a watch is shock proof or water proof. Our real selves do not die, cannot be hurt, and can handle any outward circumstances with style. Life is indeed a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst eternity.

This lifetime is just one chapter in a never-ending book. The book is full of adventure, romance, suspense, challenge, and
sometimes tragedy. But every person's book ultimately has a happy ending. You and Creator are co-authors of your book. You can make it a Pulitzer Prize winner, no matter what is happening around you.

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