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The Floyd Tillman Tour Bus

In a tiny, secluded junk yard in Galveston County, Texas, quietly rests a very nearly lost treasure of the music industry.

For over 40 years, it was a virtual landmark for the musical performances of none other than legendary, two time Country Music Hall of Fame Awards winner (for both song writing as well as recordings), Floyd Tillman.

Floyd, who passed away in 2004, was respected by audiences and the entire country music industry, and was known as an inspiration and mentor to none other than the legendary Willie Nelson.

Tillman's song writing and recording efforts produced sales of over 50 million albums and records.


Rich and Mary  received a tip from a friend about this derelict piece of history, and recognized by the description of the location that it was on the property of an old aquaintance not far from where they live. Rich and Mary intuitively knew at once that there was a high likelihood that this old bus would be inhabited by spirits inspired by the extraordinary energy of Floyd Tillman's karmic effect on all who passed through his influence.....

NEXT....Ghost Hunters Rich and Mary pack their gear, and head to the bus in search of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and communication with spirits on the Tillman bus !

See for information on the phenomenon (EVP) of communicating with ghosts by digital electronics

"Floyd Tillman" sign on side of bus (above)

"Recorded on Columbia, RCA VICTOR, & DECCA" (above)

Click on above pics to see if you can find the photo of an actual GHOST IN THIS BUS !!

All wood interior is restorable (above)

Here you can see Rich and Mary setting up inside the old bus

They will use their intuitive abilities to digitally record Electronic Voice Communications with spirits in the 1946 Flxible Clipper bus

The above field trip to the location of the old tour bus took place on the afternoon of Saturday, December 11, 2004. Two sessions were required, as a neglected setting on the video camera caused inadequate lighting results on the finished recording. The second video and recording session was successful.

Amazingly, the team was greeted with a spirit voice recording as soon as they began their second taping session. A male voice spoke and said "You're back to pick me up.....rehearsal ! "


In this surprising message, a companion spirit to Rich tells him that his Daddy (who passed in 1997) is there with him. His Dad has spoken to Rich before, and occasionally Rich and Mary both have companion spirits who show up at surprising times.


3. " WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO ME ! " Perhaps someone (Floyd ?) recently passed is just realizing that he is no longer a part of the earth bound world......
4. "Is the driver here..." ..."YES" .... In this example, Rich specifically asks if anyone who had previously driven the bus was available to speak...the driver answered immediately !
5. Next, Rich again asks the driver to please speak....he answers....."I AM DEAD" !!
6. "HEY GUYS...GRAB YOUR GUITAR....OK..? " Here a mystery voice barely comes through and speaks to the musicians .....listen will get more clear as you repeat several times...

In the back bedroom, Rich asks if anyone who had been in this room would speak their names for us...several spirits answered quickly, and some gave brief messages....

"....BETH....KEVIN....('FUCK YOU..BASTARD !')....AUDREY....LOVE YOU ! ......"

8. "HELP ME....PREGNANT....LOTS OF PRETTY MEN...." (This also from the back bedroom...)
9. Here's a ghost voice for you to guess ......... We heard more than one message here, what do you hear ?