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"Fear not death; for the sooner we die, the longer shall we be immortal." ............Ben Franklin


Ben Franklin knew...the Pope knows...Jesus knew...I know....(and you will know too if you hang around this website for long)........that there is no reason to fear death, and after passing, life continues for us all in an even more meaningful manner.

Recently, while engaged in a discussion on an internet message board, I had put forth a specific question to the board concerning an aspect of theoretical physics which might apply to some future technique for exploring EVP (electronics voice phenomena).

Although I did not in fact, even alude in my question to any reference to EVP at that time, nevertheless a couple of posters (knowing of my involvement with EVP) pounced on the opportunity to express some very typical expressions of ignorance, and by the nature of their comments and in a fashion not unfamiliar to me, indicated as always, that they had not even taken a glance at the little known subject of EVP.

One poster by-passed my physics question entirely and implied that he was not impressed with EVP, and pompously suggested that I embark upon a series of basic and mundane experiments (which I had dispensed with in my earliest stages of EVP study, long, long ago.) It instantly became painfully obvious that this group had not the least interest in EVP, and hadn't really taken a look at my work or the subject of EVP in general. Another poster implied in a self-serving manner that EVP had no purpose whatsoever, unless it could further his financial position(can it win the lottery?) or impart some earth shaking revelation that may benefit our human condition.

This person has no knowledge of spiritual law, and has not yet learned ,that he himself, is alone responsible for his successes, failures, monetary and material gains, and moral victories as well as loses. No spiritual entity, by the use of psychic means, EVP, or otherwise would ever indulge in the use of spiritual knowledge to further earthly desires of self serving origin. Furthermore, no one with even one ounce of spiritual awareness would ever consider asking.....and that for damn sure includes me.

Now, I want you to understand something here.....I have no problem with the fact that they had not looked closely at the EVP phenomenon, I only regret the presumptive narrow minded attitude they put forth by even commenting on a subject on which they can demonstrate no experience, knowledge, or interest . But that is so typical of the human condition, and in fact, ......are you ready for this........ I accept it, understand it, and embrace this experience as a normal and inevitable part of the human experience that we can not do without.

That's right, we really can't do without the experience of dealing with adverse conditions, experiences and turmoil of every description in this life....."IF".....we are to accept the notion that our lives on earth, and the pain and suffering we endure, is not without a reason and purpose. This purpose , as uniquely experienced by each of us in an manner entirely different from our fellow human counterparts, is directly related to the spiritual needs of our own selves. All knowledge and awareness gained by earths experiences will be subsequently welcomed by our own spirit and used to further our journey to oneness with God.

On the few occassions when I have invited skeptical enquirers to my home, into my EVP lab, and into the field to explore the electronic voice phenomenon and circumstance, those people have left with profound feelings never before experienced by them . Their lives could be changed forever merely by the mind opening experience of witnessing an inexplicable event which seems to touch their inner selves.

The majority, however, will not accept the invitation. Their minds are closed. They have "fear of death", and the subject can not be broached lest they be caused to question their own spiritual values and accomplishments in this life.

We'll give them a few more years....they will come around eventually. We all do. It took me a few years, but the journey to here is what it's all about. As a young man, I did not have the time to stop and consider matters of spiritual significance, nor did I possess the awareness required to see it when it was put in my face. But I'm making some time now, you better believe it.......Rich