by Rich-Paranormal Adventurer and author and webmaster-www.paratexas.com

The paranormal realm of study has, in general, taken a pretty bad rap throughout history. Since most paranormal incidents appear to occur outside the boundaries of known science, most scientists scoff at the phenomena as a whole. To add to this attitude, most scientists (who must make a living by the way), are tied to funded projects and businesses and are quite selectively involved and pretty much without resources, time and/or interest to devote to the paranormal.

In fact, one has to wonder occasionally what exactly is it that makes most people think that the paranormal must be sanctioned by the scientific community anyway, when it seems apparent that the paranormal is all about that which is not covered by scientific study in the first place. In the interest of balance, however, let me at least express thanks to those few brave "truly open minded " scientists who are studying the paranormal, helping to dispose of dark ages thinking, and helping to bring new concepts of study to the scientific realm.

And then, (it almost goes without saying), Hollywood and TV has not helped with any contribution towards a realistic view of the paranormal. It caters almost exclusively to childish fantasy notions of evil demons, monsters from Mars, ghosts that "slime" and imaginary characters with super paranormal powers, etc., ad nauseum. Oh well, even I am hooked on the SCI FI channel, so you see, we all are somewhat tainted with completely irrational views of our true origin and wonders of our spiritual selves.

I am a technician, not a scientist. I have formal schooling and a technical background in aviation and electronics, and have found this most useful in the pursuit of paranormal studies. For instance, my success in obtaining EVP is enhanced by my understanding of the electronic principles involved in the various types of information gathering devices, meters, recorders, and analysis of data from this equipment. That, and over 30 years of personal study and experience in the area is what I have to offer. I don't consider myself an expert, nor do I consider very many others as expert either. We should remain humble when involved in the study of the spirit world, as our studies in this area ultimately lead us to inner knowledge of the nature of our personal reality and purpose for being, and none of us really have all the answers.

That said, I hope to bring you two things on this website...entertainment and information.

In the presentation of these two items, we may occasionally indulge in a bit of "tongue in cheek" humor. Not too much, I hope, but just enough to remind us of who and what we are. So far, viewer response has been 100% positive, and we have received some very nice email in this regard. Along with that, I received a rumble or two through the grapevine that one or two grouchy paranormalwebsite operators suggest maybe I am not conservative enough. This goes back to that "bad rap" thing we talked about earlier. It's understandable, but as we make progress in achieving respect for paranormal studies, some of us will begin to knock down those old barriers !

One last thing.....I make a clear distinction between "investigations" and "field trips" on this website.Most of what is discussed on this website is of a field trip nature. This includes visits to cemeteries, haunted houses or haunted locations, and our travels around Texas looking for ghost towns and such. An investigation, however, is where we are invited to go to someones personal property or home, and obtain clues, information, and hopefully, answers to questions about phenomena of a personal nature happening to folks who need help. In these cases, we typically find strong emotion, fear, grieving over lost loved ones, and most importantly, many personal indiscretions of individuals (such as infidelity, etc) are sometimes "brought out of the closet". I always conduct an in depth interview before accepting any cases, and in many of them a decision might even be made by the family to not further pursue the investigation in an official capacity for those personal reasons. I am always obliged in those cases to refer these folks to Family Guidance and Counseling Centers for assistance in these matters. Usually when these family issues are addressed, the paranormal is better understood and tolerated, or even dissappears altogether ! So there are a few reasons "investigations" are not usually publicly discussed.

I hope you enjoy the website, and I always love to hear from viewers......Rich