Be careful what you wish for...

"Thoughts are energy"

article by Rich -

My brother, Mike, his wife Alicia, and friends Austin and Kim, cruised by the Paranormal Investigations of Texas offices for a visit after spending an entire week end at the Lone Star Bike Rally in Galveston, Texas. No doubt there was no shortage of bikes and bikers ...quite literally there were more motorcycles on Galveston Island than cars !

Those of us in paranormal investigation work are well acquainted with the axiom that "Thought is energy"...We are reminded of this in our EVP and psychic studies as we realize that in the spirit world, manifestation of any desire starts and ends with mental energy since the physical body is no longer a part of the scene...

Note the skull and crossbones rear-view mirror beside Bro's face, is this a precursor to the incident photographed below ?

In below photo, note the skull beside Austin followed by a wispy ectoplasmic mist...some can also see smaller skulls within the mist.

What is going on here ?

Well, for one thing, the subject of skulls as a "theme" in the biker culture is quite common. Skulls and demon-like art adorn the bikes, the bikers attire, and occupy space in their thought patterns as they party together en masse. Also, as in this particular scene, the individuals in this photo actually had purchased items with skulls on them,(T-shirts, bike emblems etc) and had these items in the saddle bags on the bikes, as well as displays of similar items on their bikes and clothing.

Is this a bad thing or what ?!?

In this case we think not, since we know this group to be "week end warriors" only, and we know that by Monday morning their thoughts will be solidly fixed back on family and work responsibilities, and maybe looking for an effective headache remedy. In fact, the skull and crossbones T-shirt Bro brought me will be worn without worry....

Nevertheless, hard core bikers who live by the daily lifestyle at the expense of spiritual values would be best advised to check out who is riding the wind along side their bikes !