Russian couple may be hybrid aliens!

Breaking... Russia, Jan. 2013

A young Russian couple has come forward asking for assistance in immigrating from Russia to the United States.

This couple is offering their talents and unusual abilities to the US as "intelligence researchers" and appear to be making the claim that they can determine answers to almost any question or issue that involves the welfare and safety of innocent humans, among other things. They expressed a desire to help the US rid the world of terrorism. A vague explanation of their method of doing this apparently involves the use of psychic-type abilities which, as are described by them, do not seem to quite fit into a category as yet known to humans.

The couple, who has given the name "Ziria" for the female, and "Radium" for the male, also claims that they are not able to digest human foods, and in order to remain healthy and fit must consume "radiation" from specific types of radioactive substances, most of which are toxic to humans, and worse, illegal to appropriate. This has resulted in their getting into trouble with Russian authorities for possesion of substances in these categories which they claim they must have to live.

Ziria and Radium have recently given two interviews, a video with Stewart Swerdlow at:,

and a Project Camelot audio and transcript that can be found at:

Kerry Cassidy's Blog-

Both interviews have considerable problems with translation and/or connection problems with the internet. Because of the many issues

The Russian "alien" couple shown here with a dosimeter, which measures radiation.

left undiscussed, and others that will require much more verification, I find myself desiring much more in the way of detail, proof, and substance. Nonetheless, we all shall patiently await further interviews and even the possibility they may be able to find a way to America.

Many are afraid that if these two are for real, they may be swallowed up by government intelligence organizations, never to be seen again. If this happens, you can likely expect to hear one day that they were exposed as a fraud, deported, and never to be seen or heard from again.

The couple has said that their eyes have characteristics which indicate the unusual nature of some states (?) they may be in, or in other conditions indicate health issues they may be experiencing.

Photo at left shows their eyes and a "radioactive" drink both showing up as a green color when viewed in UV light.

Skeptical comments have been noted that in some photos, their eyes have such a strange blue appearance that the use of contacts should be considered as a ploy. Entirely possible, of course, and I myself did notice that in the Swerdlow video they did indeed appear to be "blinking" perhaps more than necessary ( new contact wearers are familiar with this tendency). Also, they are outwardly admitting that they are in dire straits for money, and are asking for donations to get to the US.

Personally, I hope they can find donations, or a powerful, well intentioned and knowledgeable benefactor who will rescue the young couple and assist them in proving their situation as a milestone in the history of civilization. But, I must admit, even if they are Aliens as real as the day is long, they are nonetheless facing a future of overwhelming adversity and difficulty.

One of the more interesting things Ziria and Radium discussed (see pic right) is their ability to use a cryptograph, or a cipher (cypher), which is a code for performing encryption or decryption.

They explained (or I should say-they "tried" to explain) the basics of the method, but translating was just too difficult in this grey area, which seems to consist of some combination of mental and psychic energy, as well as the written code and a verbal language which they both demonstrated on the video interview with Swerdlow.

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