CHUPACABRA, like the Energizer Bunny, just seems to keep going, and going, and going.....To some it is perhaps the least believable of all the Alien creatures to have been reported. But if trends continue, Chupacabra may well become the MOST documented of all, and maybe even the first Alien creature to be supported
by hard evidence of its existence.



Christian Aguirre, artist and graphics designer from Santiago, Chile, spent four months gathering details of CHUPACABRA eyewitness sightings from accounts compiled by the CALAMA UFO CENTER. From these accounts of  residents living on the outskirts of Calama, Chile, Aguirre created these pictorial representations of the creature. His work shows the creature in the most common poses and locations as seen by those witnesses.



Christian Aguirre, artist. See more of his work at
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Miami UFO Center
Jaime Ferrer R.Calama UFO Center/Miami UFO Center


Witnesses to Chupacabra sightings report peculiar feelings of negative energy during moments when the creature is moving thru the air by jumping or "levitating"


SIGHTINGS of Chupacabra have escalated over the last several years,with seemingly the most occurances in Spanish speaking areas. Perhaps it's because the Chupacabra is fond of goats and reports are concentrated in goat herding locations. Reports are coming in from all over the globe; Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida, you name it.....

3D model photo and article on Chupacabra

Read this news article on Chupacabra Fear....It's an older article, but interestingly it could have been written now........

UPDATE-Mar 2003: Calama, Chile, UFO and alien sightings.

Chupacabra Hunt is on in Chile !! April 2003

"I cannot believe for a moment that life in the first instance originated on this insignificant little ball which we call earth... The particles which combined to evolve living creatures on this planet of ours probably came from some other body elsewhere in the universe." Thomas A. Edison