Are We REALLY  Ready ?

ET hasn't exactly put his best foot forward so far, has he? The government, (and the guy in the picture above) seems to think we aren't ready  for Alien contact. Maybe ET thinks that too. Of course, there are those who think the Tooth Fairy and ET are going to arrive at any minute and put quarters and solutions to Earth's problems under our pillows.

What are the Aliens thinking? Well, consider this....Picture in your mind a helicopter flying low over a prairie in a wilderness area. A frightened animal is seen running wildly from this scary object. A shot rings out, the animal is felled with a tranquilizer gun, and  subsequently tests of all sorts are carried out; tissue, serum and fluid samples taken. Perhaps specific exams of reproductive organs may be conducted. A tagging device may be implanted for tracking the animal. Then the animal is revived and unceremoniously deposited in a stupor in the middle of the prairie.Terrified, and without a clue as to what just happened, the animal stumbles off....

NOW, put yourself in the place of the hapless animal, and put an Alien craft in place of the chopper. Then ask yourself, "What is ET thinking ?" Why, the answer should be obvious- Aliens must think of us as "lessor or inferior" beings, possibly worthy of study, but apparently not capable of relating  to ET's civilization. Just an animal in the prairie...

And it's no wonder either....ponder how we must look to another visiting entity. We are "a primitive society whose primal activity is tribal warfare" (Stan Friedman), and we continue to neglect the impact of civilization  on the ecology of this beautiful planet Earth. Maybe they're scared of us..........

How serious are you about UFO's? Would you take a chance and meet face to face with an Alien Race? Dr. Steven Greer has formed a group to try to bring congress into investigations of UFOs. Many experienced UFO experts say he is treading on very dangerous ground. Whitley Strieber , author, researcher and abduction experiencer has much to say about that kind of experience.. I recommend his website. click here..  Unknown Country

"Flying saucers come so near, they leave us mortals filled with fear. So tell me Major, ere I faint, is they is or is they ain't?" Estelle Dumbrava

Real or Fake ?

REAL or FAKE? With technology these days it's anyone's guess. This photo of a dead Alien Hybrid has been circulating the net for awhile.


Friend or Foe ?


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The deepest, darkest secrets of Alien presence on this planet...

The Dulce Book

by Branton

Free book on line: all about Alien black projects and the Dulce, New Mexico underground base

The latest DOOMSDAY SCENARIO. No paranormal website is complete without an update on the current "End Is Near" countdown.

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UFO investigations are interesting, but rarely glamorous or exciting. Mary and I get most of our UFO "excitement" from movies,TV documentaries, books, and interviews with those who claim sightings, encounters or abductions. We investigate, but like most others, we find nothing in terms of hard evidence.

In spite of the fact that I have done my best to have a personal bona-fide sighting, after 30 odd years of trying, I have zilch to show for my own independent  efforts. (hey, I like ghost hunting better in that respect....there are PLENTY of ghosts and hauntings for everyone)

Nevertheless, consider that I have a private pilots license, have owned and piloted private aircraft, flown over 100 missions (lost count) as a Navy aircrewman, and....

alas.... not only have I never seen a hint of a UFO while flying, I have never met in person a flyer who has. They are out there, of course, and there are many who have had wild experiences involving abductions and/or multiple sightings, but we rarely have the fortune to talk at length with them. Most people are afraid of the ridicule that goes with the "coming out" with one's story about UFO's or Aliens. In fact, most people won't even talk about the subject whether they have had any experiences or not. The really good "wild" ones, it would seem, are in hiding or writing a book.

But you know what ? The more I learn about the Alien presence and Alien abduction threat, the more I think maybe it's OK that I've not come across any of these guys personally. I have not yet heard a single story where the human came out on top, or in control, and we humans with our fragile egos were not meant to deal well with that sort of scenario.

Next, I'm going to relate to you briefly, some of the details of a typical UFO Report/Sighting, and summarize the investigation  to give you an idea of what is the "usual" UFO report/sighting. There are procedures, protocol, forms to fill out, etc., but I'll spare you all that. Just a simple narrative and a simple solution to the most common type of UFO report.

After that, we will go to the next step....An interview from one of the top authors and Investigators in the country, Linda Moulton Howe, as she speaks candidly with an actual victim of Alien abductions. This story will rock your world....

NEXTTry your hand at a basic UFOReport/Investigation, and Linda Moulton Howe ALIEN ABDUCTEE interview