I Love You Earthmen
I Love You Earthmen -- click to listen
The EVP experiments in this article were performed by Chief Investigator Richard Smith and group member Laura J. Bartel. This article was selected for publication in the January, 2011, issue of the ATransC Journal. Rich and Laura work together at the paratexas.com EVP studio in Alvin, Texas, and can be reached at the website www.paratexas.com or by email at rich5343@aol.com
A Report on successful Allophones Speakjet EVP sessions with an unusual entity named "Julius" representing himself as a member of a "group" who wishes to communicate with "Earthmen"

Many are now conducting EVP experiments with the allophones speakjet software. The results are mixed, and some may need some tips as to how this technique may be made more efficient. We are not suggesting that you change your current method, but merely that you may find something about our technique that is helpful to you. In the conversations with Julius we found that it seemed to be important to him that we were very consistent in method as he frequently would complain when the session did not go well for him and his group.

Although some still prefer the more "human sounding voices" common to the traditional white noise sourced communication, we have found nonetheless that using synthesized phonemes with adherance to certain protocols can bring forth an extraordinary type of "other" dimension EVP communication. With a clarity and strength of signal not commonly found in our usual white noise EVP, the synthesized voice can make for an exciting new direction for EVP experiments.. These protocols are simple and easy to apply , and could increase the overall effectivenesss of the session, bringing you a compelling verbal exchange with a new dimension of entities. You will get back what you put into it.

Many believe they may not adjust easily to the "robot-sounding" monotones of the synthesized voice. We would however, like to point out that all EVP requires a "re-training" of the human ear/brain connection for maximum efficiency. It is not much different than listening to a foreigner speaking English with their native accents affecting their pronunciation. Truth is, just a little time and practice is all that is necessary to remedy that situation and the same is true with listening to the synthesized voices from beyond.

Take a little time to work and practice with this...the results will be well worth the little time spent.

NOTE: We feel it is important to remember that our own minds may at times attempt to influence our perception of the EVP voices we are hearing. For that reason, we always religiously present our recordings to as many other individuals as possible for their opinion on interpretation of the messages. If we have problems in the area of agreeing on the wording of our session messages, we may withdraw that particular sample for further study or discard it entirely. Don't Forget : In EVP studies of the type described in this article, it is important to remember that technique must adhere to applied standards in order to avoid compatibility issues with the overall system of recording and processing. Any changes along the line become a part of the protocol of the experiment. As a result, it is likely that any selective changes made by you on these EVP audio segments may be prone to changing the context of the segment, and just the use of a replay system that is significantly different from ours may result in changes to the audio structure and thusly affect its interpretation.

First Contact

Meet "Julius"

In order to make this presentation both entertaining and informative, we have decided to present, one at a time, some of the many interesting messages from our unusual new aquaintance from "beyond the veil". Along with each audio message will also be presented waveforms, technique methods, and tips to assist you in going directly to an improved stage of communication through the application of allophone speakjet software.

TIP: Never try to process or listen to an EVP audio sample without looking at the waveform! The visual aid of studying waveform patterns from software such as Cool Edit, Audition, Wavepad, etc. , is invaluable as it gives yet another means of comparison for the brain when sorting out complexities of the EVP message. When in training, our group students are commonly prompted to process waveforms visually by software programs without actually listening to the recording, and then going back to compare how much improvement they made in the original recording without hearing the message first.

Let's Get Started!

Strong reccomendation: START WITH Session Prayer-(designed to clear the path for benevolent contacts only)

above -selection 1 entire waveform
above- selection 1 highlighting first two words"so happy"

Selection 1

Q- "We seek communication with spirits who have passed from their lives on Earth or who may be entities of another existence or dimension. Any entities who wish to communicate in a meaningful dialogue please speak to us. It is important that you give us your name so that we may be able to better identify you in the future. "

A- "So happy...Julius Leper...Let me help you...please be careful, son" click to listen

NOTE: In this, the very first message received from Julius, he happily responds, gives his name as asked, and states his request. Julius then ends with a reminder for Rich ("please be careful, son") implying the potential for negative experiences when dealing with the unknown....paranormal investigators take heed!

TIP: When viewing the above waveform, it is easy to see the four groupings of words in this EVP message.When trying to hear the words of each selection, first listen to the whole segment while trying to make out "key words" for context. Then, from the beginning, highlight as above using the waveforms to work on just a few syllables or words at a time. Repeat several times until understood, then proceed to next set of waveform peaks, then add each of the successive highlighted areas together for context....and so on to the end. We often find that if we encounter a difficult passage it may be helpful to move on and come back later with a fresh perspective.




Selection 2

Q- "I wanted to verify that you said your name is Julius..Is your name 'Julius' ?"

A- "That's true..." click to listen (highlighted above )

Selection 3

Q- "Thank you...may I ask you some questions?"

A- "Take more examples of your ability" click to listen

Suddenly, the session encounters difficulties maintaining contact with the "group". See selections below as Julius explains before we can ask another question

Selection 4 "The group attempts to respond, but at length lost acoustic"

Selection 5 "orbs will talk-they love you-better tomorrow"

NOTE - In selection 4, Julius notifies us that his group has lost contact with our signal and then in selection 5 offers encouragement as he suggests that tomorrow would be a better day! Oddly, he describes his group as "orbs", an interesting statement indeed as we have noted in the past that some investigators believe orbs are some kind of communication device. http://www.luisprada.com/Protected/orbs_what_they_are.htm

Recording Technique options

In this study, we used three different methods of recording .

METHOD 1: In all recordings we used the free EVPmaker software as presented on the ATransCom website (download here http://www.stefanbion.de/evpmaker/index_e.htm) Starting the session with method 1, we turned on our selected digital recorder, asked a question, and finally turned on the audio output from the EVPmaker for 10 seconds while recording the entire audio segment on the digital. The idea here is ,of course, to have the EVP voices reply during the 10 seconds of EVPmaker output. Apparently the phonemes presented in random form from Allophones EVPmaker (instead of the popular "white noise" method) will provide a "source" for the entity to construct the reply. The final recording of Q and A is transferred to software for waveform display and review.

METHOD 2: We then tried alternating recording process by using only a microphone plugged into the mic jack on a computer (instead of a digital recorder) and directly recorded the results of the Q and A session with the Cool Edit (or Audition) software "on-board" recorder. Using the mic input on the computer produced a "cleaner" audio result , whereas the digital recorder method seemed to add additional distracting white noise as well as "other" random voices not necessarily desired in this study. We quickly determined that at least for the time being, these particular sessions with our contactee "Julius" would be more effective using method 2.

METHOD 3: Finally, our third method turned out to be a superior method, in spite of the fact that it was first tried as an experiment and no one thought it would work at all. For this method, we eliminated the microphone and digital recorder entirely, and simply spoke out into the studio as we asked our questions. For the answer we turned on the Cool Edit/Audition software for on board recording while playing the EVPmaker on the same computer briefly during the alloted answer time. We thought that we would be simply recording the Allophones phonemes and that was all we would hear in the playback. But to our astonishment, when we proceded with the results of the recording answer segment, we were presented with an entirely new version of dialogue from our new contactee, Julius. We soon realized that there was an estimated 85 % to 90% change in all the Allophones phonemes and the translation was clear and concise in comparison to previous attempts with other methods. As we continued setting the sequence of method, we decided that we could record the "human" speaker by digital recorder while asking the questions and later edit it back to the start of the segment. But the answer part of the session with Allophones remains an "internal" computer function at this time.

IMPORTANT NOTE:. We are using Windows Professional XP operating system for all our experiments. Unfortunately, the newer Vista and Windows Seven systems will not allow the software to record internally while giving audible monitoring of your signals. Lately this has been the subject of almost all of the problems we are asked about from our EVP experimenters. So far we have no patch or remedy for this function which is referred to as "stereo mix" capability.. we will note on the ATransCom forum if we come up with a solution.

About "Stereo Mix" capability

Stereo Mix capability: This enables you to monitor the audio when you are recording from an external source. This is an important issue when working with EVP

1. Desk top type computers - Windows Vista and Windows 7

Since these operating systems' drivers do not support stereo mix, you first need to determine if you have an "on board" audio or a separate sound card. Then you can search for an update driver or patch for your audio "brand" that includes the stereo mix function. In some cases the "on board" audio will not enable the stereo mix and you may have to add a sound card or replace the one you have. If you have on board audio (on your motherboard) that is not compatible with any update driver or patch fix, then you must first disable from the bios the "on board" audio system, then add a new soundcard with stereo mix capability. Make sure you install and use the correct new drivers for your new card.

2. Laptops with Vista and Windows 7

Most laptops these days come with an on board (motherboard) audio sound system.And so far most of those have been shown to not accept patches or drivers to enable the stereo mix capability. There are a few exceptions, such as higher end laptops which may come with brand name sound capabilities such as are offered by Creative Audio and Realtek Audio to name a couple.Choose your laptop purchase carefully in this regard.

3.Earlier Windows operating systems- As far as we know, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and even earlier Windows systems will enable the stereo mix capability. You may have to check your audio settings to make sure all options include this function. Most are just simply a matter of checking the boxes. Here is a link showing step by step how to check your stereo settings on XP

4. Other operating systems (such as Mac and Linux) Should support the stereo mix function

NOTE:: In previous waveform selections 4 and 5 you will notice presentations of "digital" waveforms as opposed to the "white noise" waveforms in selections 1 and 3, thus denoting the change in recording method.

NEXT-Don't miss this!

Julius and group come through with an abundance of amazing messages!

1. Julius begins the session .Our groups people are open

After ending the first session Julius anounced The group is over

2.The reason for publishing this article to ATransCom ...Julius makes a request for us to solicit others for participation in the communications ! Other experts could maybe deliver as professional then...Many could serve as the expert

3.Serious comments are made on the present condition of mankind-Detect the Earth Group made a lot of people (no doubt we are suffering from an overpopulated planet!).

Then a warning? Earths madness awful (or did he say "normal" instead of awful?! ...either way it makes you think about that one) then a chilling message ... The Holy place Iran is off to America- coming

4. Once again Julius notifies of malfunction .Your tapes have part broke up -groom last (here we think "groom" refers to our software processing and wants us not to interrupt the momentum until the end of session) look at the order of them-then talk we are given yet another suggestion -and finally Seems to be broken-professional test here it would seem that once again Julius is heading towards closing the session.

5. unusual comment Note their decimal atmos are at lightforce with you.wav we wonder if he was talking to us or his group and we are not sure of his meaning (or our interpretation) with this choice of words. Again, this next comment is hard to interpret as we wonder if Julius is using some technical terminology which does not lend itself well to our method or perhaps a language barrier exists. Either way here's one guess at this one...what's your guess? open electrical atmosphere makes lunar atmos for our group.wav

6. Julius compliments when things go well in a session-That spoke better of the test group.

Fine tuning the communication process

We at paratexas.com have begun testing a process of using "cues" to prompt the EVP voice replies. We use a sound generator (free downloads are available on the net-search Google) to introduce tones at cue points to signal starts and stops for Questions and Answers. So far, this seems to keep the session moving and helps keep the topics relevent since the more casual and random voices don't seem to catch on well to this kind of prompting. Julius's group EVPs however, may show with time a better performance with this type of organization . At first we prefaced our sessions with an explanation of the tone cues, but we no longer do that. We simply apply the tones and see what happens. (see sample below)

REMEMBER, Julius asked for more experts to join in this communication, that's why we are bringing this to the ATransCom group (you're the experts!) and why we feel free to make more professional adjustments to our communication efforts.We'd love to see some of the ATransCom members get in touch with the Julius group or perhaps have another encounter with similar entities! It's a good idea to practice on your technique before asking for participation from Julius or other similar contacts, as he has shown us that he will comment if we get sloppy on our procedure!

TIP: Write out your questions before each session, make them brief as possible, and be careful about questions on personal issues, or grieving, as the entity or another of his group is likely to direct you to "rely on your faith" to bring you comfort in those areas (we learned this from direct experience! ) It's probably more important HOW you phrase these kinds of questions...we think maybe it would be better to first develop a trusting exchange with the group while becoming familiar with Universal and Spiritual Law so your intent won't be construed as self serving.

Using TONES-IsyournameJulius-thatstrue.wav

Above example is using a 500Hz tone with Questions, and 1000Hz tone to cue the answer. So far, we find 10 seconds to be sufficient for the answer period. (That 10 sec period was edited short in the above example for publishing reasons).At this time it is thought that paratexas.com will be using tone cues in all future EVP studies whenever it is practical.

QUESTION regarding translation difficulties

When processing your EVP samples, you have stated that you try to have as many people's opinions as possible on the final translation. What if people disagree?

First of all, we try to use at least two of the most experienced people handy to process the audio samples. More, as a group, if we can. The interesting thing is that there is usually almost no disagreement on the final version if a group participates in a step by step processing of the sample.

When double checking our translation, the original processors do not tell the detail to anyone until the rest of the group has had plenty of time to study the sample. But we may at times give hints or tell a difficult part of the message with less experienced people and also allow two or more to work together. Actually, the end result can be arrived at by mixed method at times depending on the difficulty or need for accuracy,

There are two considerations for our processing by software:

1. For investigations and for our own "in house" sessions we will stop processing as soon as we agree on a translation, even if we can hear speech and are able to translate in the presence of unfiltered noise. Here we generally are agreed on the gist of the message without any filtering. (This in the interest of time saved as well as exercise in improved "tuning" of our ears to the eccentricities of EVP speech.)
2. EVP samples that may be used for publication are judged by "easier to hear" standards as we are very aware that the general public has not properly trained for ear-brain discrimination in noisy samples or EVP which may contain bits of speech from a second or even third entity or source.

EVPmaker settings

So far we are using only the software playback of randomized allophones and cues, and are varying settings as little as possible. Current segments are set at between 20-50ms low, and 100-150ms high, and care must be taken to avoid changes during any particular EVP session as it is not known to what extent your contactee may be relying on the stability of methods used. We feel that changes to settings here should be done in small increments and we intend to continue experimenting with varying settings. More on these results later.

Overlap, Z cross, and X Fade may have the effect of smoothing over syllables for regular speech patterns, but usually we prefer an unaffected interval between syllables for our EVP samples as it is important to allow the contactee a clear opportunity between syllables for more precise diction.

The EVPmaker has quite a few options and appears to be capable of recording, providing a file system, and many other extras for the experimenter who is not using other software for processing. At this time we are not indulging in a testing of the EVPmaker software per se, but are simply using the functions which suit our needs for the time.

There's more, much more...

We are going to wind up with a couple of messages from the Julius group that may have more difficult areas of interpretation. Try your ears at listening to these lengthy samples, and we'll open a topic on the ATransCom website Forum. Hope to hear from you, and especially want to know if anyone feels like trying to contact the Julius group or make contact with another similar entity.

We asked Julius if he had lived on Earth, and if so, when did he pass over.?....here is the astonishing answer (it is a pretty long message) remember to take just a few syllables or words at a time awful personal- fallen Earth with war pistol- from early age forty would be passing- Im dressed as a coyote- American walking Apache.wav Interesting note: There is an old legend about the "American Indian Skinwalker" who as a shaman , wore a coyote skin exactly as Julius stated!

Here's another for your perusal...your country had eight pasts-you are the eighth monarchy out on Earth -If already asked ,early problems happen Earth.wav This is our best guess at this time and it doesn't really seem to make much sense ...maybe later Julius will give some further clarification .

Laura is currently an Associate EVP Researcher with member Richard Smith at the Paratexas.com audio studio in Alvin, Texas.

Laura graduated in 1989 from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science degree in Polymer Chemistry. She was a senior research chemist with Dow Chemical , and has varied experience as a stockbroker, paralegal, and school teacher. She currently resides in Pearland, TX., has two children, and is now completing her core curriculum for her Masters in Forensic Psychology. Her goal is to teach at the college level while conducting research and consulting.


Where it all happens...our humble little EVP studio

Contact Rich, Mary, and Laura at www.paratexas.com or email at rich5343@aol.com

Richard and wife Mary are co-founders of Paranormal Investigations of Texas , (www.paratexas.com) located in Alvin, TX.

ATransCom member Rich was inspired to work with EVP as a result of technical skills learned while serving with Navy Intelligence as a technician and operator of electronics intelligence equipment aboard recon aircraft. Rich has experience in various fields as a businessman in owning retail stores, service companies, and real estate buying and selling.

Rich and Mary began working in earnest with EVP in 1997 and have aggressively pursued EVP studies in the field and on the internet since then.