A field test of the GHOST RADAR app by Rich and Laura, Paranormal Investigations of Texas



This app for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry and Android devices is attracting the attention of amateur ghost hunters, some of whom have been asking us if it really works, and if so, to give tips on how to best operate the software application

We tried it, and it does work but produces only one word at a time, limiting the range and scope of attaining complete communication with spirit entities the way that standard methods of EVP can do. We did get results however, that grouped a few words together giving complete thoughts and messages.

The device produces a digital voice and as the word is being spoken, it also shows the printed word on the screen. (A nice advantage since conditions are not always optimal for clearly hearing ghost voices when in the field). It also keeps a log of all words received for later study.

For best results, we are emphasize the necessity to study recommendations for operation of this software and at the end of this article we will provide you a link to a great website that clearly explains the settings and procedures for operation. DO NOT, we repeat, do not try to jump right into the operation of the Ghost Radar as you would a video game.

To do so will result in a sum result of zero. Also we strongly advise you to read thoroughly the website and learn with whom you are speaking and the rules for doing so. It's very important.


Results of our test

Before our trial of the software on Laura's T-Mobile G2 (android platform). she showed me a cute photo of her grandaughter saved on the phone we were to use for the tests.. We chatted for a moment and then began our session. We had no idea of what was coming our way...

After chatting for a moment, we then began our session using her Android T Mobile unit. After closely following directions to calibrate the software, we waited about 30 seconds and a first word came across the screen and was spoken by the android voice..."baby", it said. In about 10 seconds another word came up..."beautiful". Then a third word "good" and finally the fourth and last word "picture". The complete message..."baby beautiful, good picture", an obvious reference to Laura's picture she had showed me just before starting the session. What a great start to our test!!

We thanked the spirit for the compliment and asked more questions to try to determine who was speaking, but had nothing more for several minutes except random words. We should point out here that as you gain experience, you will easily learn to ignore all those randomly triggered words that don't associate with each other. You can always go to the log and carefully study the ongoing list anytime.

Later, we decided to go to a cemetery to try the Ghost Radar. We find it best when doing any kind of EVP session to speak to the spirits in a friendly manner as you would to a human, and try to gain their confidance. As we were walking through the cemetery, we experienced many random words...we instinctively sensed that the spirits might not really know how to trigger this device. Finally after 5 minues or so, we had a breakthrough. As Laura bent over to see the name on a small gravestone with a yellow flower beside it, the thought crossed her mind how lonely and isolated the flower and stone seemed. Suddenly, the Ghost Radar spoke..."Flower" it said, and we had made our first connection !

Only seconds later, I stopped and leaned over to brush off the leaves from another gravestone and a voice immediately said "brush". It did not seem to be a coincidence, we were making progress due to the considerate attention we gave to each solitary stone.

Then, another period of quiet and random words. After a couple of minutes, we asked "Are you having trouble operating this system?" We received an immediate answer, "strength", followed by another word "increase" We were not able to get any improvement by changing settings, so we asked if the spirit would like to talk to us by normal EVP means. The answer was "herself". We interpreted this as a request to speak alone with Laura.

We proceded to close the Ghost Radar session and changed to a digital recorder session whereupon an entity named "Dave" spoke with Laura (as he had asked) for about two minutes.


All in all, we really like the concept of this app on these particular devices. We would recommend it to any beginners who are seeking communication beyond the veil as long as they are willing to learn to operate the device correctly and make a sincere effort to respect what they do when they cross these spiritual boundaries..


We look forward to some new research and improvements on this application...something that will compete with full sentence current EVP digital recording results but that also provides the Ghost Radar convenience of a visual translation as well as digital spoken words. Most ordinary folks miss a lot of EVP messages because of mis-translation or background noise and weak signal strength.

Detailed Ghost Radar instruction and settings explanations here