Can we contact Extraterrestrials with EVP?

by Laura J. Bartel and Richard L. Smith

In recent years we have not spent a great deal of time with EVPs in looking for and speaking with extraterrestrial beings far off in our universe. As our focus is usually limited to our planet Earth, it has been hard for the human mind to fathom the expanse of the huge universe of which we are a part. I believe that if you follow this article and our new commitment to this area on this website, you will find that evidence is available to suggest that there are more entities willing to speak with us in this universe than we may have allowed ourselves to believe in the past..

"Earth critters terrify us, come without!"

While Richard and I were working an EVP session in the studio in Alvin, Texas, and using a real-time phonics device known as the PX Spirit Talk , Rich and Mary's very large 120 pound bulldog came into the studio. After finishing the session, we arrived at the above unusual and humorous EVP, which seemed to suggest that the entities speaking were not at all familiar or comfortable with animal types common to Earth people. Could it be possible that we actually engaged entities far out in the universe or higher astral planes that are not so familar with Earth and thus were terrified by the ordinary household pet? There is a great deal to ponder in light of this communication!

Although most are familiar with only the more human sounding voices common to the traditional white noise sourced EVP communications heard on television, we have found nonetheless that using recorded phonic sounds of the English language instead of white noise can allow the beings to bring forth an extraordinary type of "other" dimension EVP communication. This EVP method can result in something of a monotone or robot-sounding audio; however, the method can at the same time provide a clarity and strength of signal not commonly found in our usual white noise EVP. The synthesized voice can make for an exciting new direction for EVP experiments. These protocols are not difficult to apply for the serious EVP investigator, and could increase the overall effectivenesss of the session. With diligence, it could bring you a compelling verbal exchange with a new dimension of entities. You will get back what you put into it.

For more information on the EVP methods using phonics and digitally produced energy for EVP sessions click here

Zero, Zero, Zero to Earth- There has been an error, sir

There is no official explanation for us to describe the above EVP, except to say that we heard this message within seconds after losing our contact with a suspected extraterrestrial entity. It appears that the entity that contacted us in this EVP has assigned themselves the name Zero Zero Zero. A possible explanation of this is that our official computer filing system of EVP saves audio selections as a series of three digits beginning with three zeros followed by successive numbering and title and description. Following that protocol, the contactee in the session would be labeled at the start of the segment as 000.

Is there more to this than meets the eye (or ear)? This EVP selection is a class "C" audio segment and was significantly buried in a level of white noise. Although a weak signal, it is clearly understood after good protocol for professional EVP study is utilized in it's recovery and playback.

"We're runnin' energy..."

Heck, your guess is as good as ours on this one. What do you think? The entity sounds like little green men to us :)!!!

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