An EVP Ghost survey

An EVP (electronics voice phenomena) session The spirit world attempts to answer our questions about the coming apocalyptic prophecies

Doomsday- Dec. 21, 2012

Paranormal Investigations of Texas


There have been many issues brought up recently concerning the near future of the world, with most of them centering arround the year 2012. Here are but a few of the theories currently being followed.

1. The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. Why did the Mayans pick that year to end?

2.The great Galactic alignment of Dec. 21, 2012 places our solar system in the middle of the Milky Way and in the same plane. Many believe this will result in great gravitational forces upon the planet Earth, while others note that previous planetary alignments of other sorts haven't even caused notice.

3. Predictions of the coming of Planet X, or Nibiru, supposedly due to arrive in our solar system by the year 2012, coming close enough to cause cataclysmic damage to Earth and its population.

4.Hopi Indian message from Mother Earth predicts a "cleansing" in 2012 prior to the establishment of a new world.

5. Assorted and varied religious prophecies involving war, end of days, famine and weather disasters, etc. Many are predicted by soothsayers to coincide with other beliefs as mentioned above.

6. DOOMSDAY-The Ultimate Guide

7. Project Camelot-The Big Picture


Dr. Michio Kaku,Theoretical Physicist, speaks about the very real likelihood of serious Earth damage from Sun eruptions in the year 2012.

Doctor of Physics Brooks Agnew discusses the Mayans with George Noory and elaborates on possible cataclysms that may occur in the year 2012.

Planet X (Niburu) is predicted by many to be the harbinger of doom for Planet Earth as it passes nearby in its 3600 year cycle of orbit in the year 2012. What is this all about ? Are there beings living on Planet X and has it caused the Earth trouble before?

EVP Session one-Jan 17, 2009


Richard L. Smith, Chief Investigator of Paranormal Investigations of Texas, takes on an ongoing series of EVP sessions designed to shed light on the subject of 2012 prophecy. It is not yet known if the spirit world will cooperate with such subject matter, or if the spirits in the Earth/astral plane even have such knowledge...

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QUESTION FROM RICH-"Hello, this is Richard. I am seeking contact with the spirit world today, and I would like to ask a couple of questions about the current human controversies on the year 2012. Many say there will be cataclysmic disasters of an earthbound nature, others say there will be great spiritual changes. I am curious to know if any spirits would like to speak to me now and give me an insight into this issue. Is it real?"

The spirits speak

" must listen to me!"

"Many dangers...let's go!" ( this voice saying "let go" as if to suggest that one might consider the sanctity of death instead of enduring the coming dangers ?!?)

And now,is the following EVP a disclaimer?

"They say it to me...many souls lie here!" I interpret this as a warning to be aware that some spirits in the EVP/ASTRAL realm are given to deceit and lies. My experience shows me that it is wise to be careful of EVP statements in this regard (Rich)

comments about session one- "interesting? yes...but unclear as far as any information which will be useful to us in determining the validity of any 2012 controversy. So, next step is to continue with session two and ask more specific questions !"



EVP Session two-Jan 26, 2009

QUESTION FROM RICH: "Does Planet X really exist?"

ANSWER: I see the Earth's fear...

ANSWER: "Masters take is never right!"

QUESTION FROM RICH: "Will the Earth experience cataclysmic events on or about Dec 21, 2012 ?"

ANSWER-part 1: "Angels shout,bring out parity!" (note: parity means equality)

ANSWER-part 2: "Every brother makes a difference!"

Comment-Here it sounds more like spirits are suggesting that our actions can change the outcome ...certainly not the first time we have seen this type of spiritual encouragement


EVP Session three-Feb 19, 2009


Psychic Pamela Rivette, Alvin, Texas joins the EVP experiment by asking for assistance from the angelic realm.

QUESTION: Specifically, Pam asks if the angelic realm has any information to contribute about earth changes in the year 2012.

ANSWER part one : "Entire system will end there!"

ANSWER part two: "Delete Planet Earth, that's it for Man!"

QUESTION FROM RICH: Is there anything mankind can do to stop the chaos in the world?

ANSWER: "Richard, tell their kids 'Man needs vision' "

ANSWER: "The age is coming,the end of peace"

March 3, 2009



comments about session three? " Yikes! I don't like the sound of that! I have more questions, we can't stop now!" RICH


This page will be an "active-ongoing" EVP session for some time. Check back with us often as we update this page and continue to find new ways to pry answers out of the spirit world on Earth change issues !

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